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Technical data

Wing-span : 1800 mm
Weight : Ca. 6,5 kg
Rec. Engine : BL Outrunner / ab 30 ccm 2T
Control : H,S,Q,M,LK
Manufacturer : SG-Model
Fuselage : Holz
Wings : Holz/Rippenb.
Rec. Battery : 8-10S 4000-5000mAh
Fly / Build : 22.jpg

Box Contents

- Model in ARF wood construction, with Oracover ready covered
- mech. retractable landing gear
- Suspension struts for main landing gear
- tail chassis
- pilot figure
- Combustion accessories like tank etc.
- Conversion kit electric drive
- nut
- GRP engine hood with dummy radial engine
- Pin hinges for oars
- Special hinges for landing flaps
"aluminium tube surface plugging
- Instructions in English language

"SG-Models" are good valued products out of wood. The product line contains a lot of beautyful and special aircraft types which diversify. Nearly all models are usable with combustion and electric engines. The supply contains the necessary accessoires and the contruction instruction is illustrated and in english. Because of the good fabrication, the assembly doesn't need a lot of time. All models are testet before they are produced in serie. The replacements are compatible with SEAGULL models.


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