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The Junkers Ju-52 is affectionately called "Aunt Ju" and came originally from the Junkers Flugzeugwerke AG in Dessau. Originally designed as a cargo plane, the Ju-52 was later used primarily as a commercial airliner.

The Ju-52 is a tri-motor aircraft and the outer skin was corrugated metal.

This VQ ARF's reproduction Junkers Ju-52 R/C aircraft is designed for modern electric motor systems. At its core, this model has a very scale outline and features many details not usually found on a sport ARF wood model.

In 2016 the Junker JU-52 model has been awarded the first ranking by the Modell Flug magazine, and the second ranking by FMT magazine.

  • All Balsa and lite-ply construction
  • Plastic and Painted Cowling
  • Control surfaces pre-hinged and installed
  • Two piece wing with Aluminium Wing Joiner
  • Very Short Aassembly Time - Everything is Prefabricated
  • Factory-Covered with Highly Detailed Film

Technical data

Wing-span (mm): 1630
Flight weight approx. (g): approx.2300g(Flight)
Empty weight approx. (g):
Control: H,S,Q,M,LK
Manufacturer: VQ Models
Fuselage: Wood
Wings: Wood/Ribbed construction
Rec. Battery: 3S/4300mAh LiXX
Length (mm):
empf.Motor: BL Outrunner
Flight Skill: Advanced
Building Skill: Advanced
Drive Type: Electro
"D-Aqui" 9709400
"Olympia" 9715738

Box Contents

  • Almost ready-made model Junker JU 52
  • Including accessories for RC installation
  • Illustrated instructions

Das Produkt JUNKERS JU 52 "RICHTHOFEN" ARF von VQ MODELS in der Kategorie Warbirds hat eine Spannweite von 1630 sowie ein Gewicht von approx.2300g(Flight). Die Steuerung des Modells erfolgt über die Funktionen H,S,Q,M,LK. Das Modell ist als ARF - ALMOST READY TO FLY ausgeführt . Wir empfehlen einen 3S/4300mAh LiXX Akku für dieses Elektroflugmodell.

* Erklärung Steuerfunktionen:
  • H ... Höhenruder
  • S ... Seitenruder
  • Q ... Querruder
  • M ... Motorsteuerung
  • V ... Vektorsteuerung
  • SK ... Störklappen
  • LK ... Landeklappen
  • WK ... Wölbklappen
  • EZFW ... Einziehfahrwerk
  • SKU ... Schleppkupplung
  • ( ) ... optional - in Klammer geschriebene Steuerfunktionen sind bei dem beschriebenen Modell optional verfügbar


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