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Everybody knows the dangers of LiPo batteries. Some of them have burned through your bags and containers and everyone knows how dangerous that can be. The RO-SAFETY is THE protection for LiPo batteries, which WORKS. Developed by Tom Mast, a renowned aeronautical engineer and enthusiastic model pilot. The thought came to him when his house almost went up in flames from a LiPo fire.

The ro-safety is designed in such a way that the batteries can be charged and stored naturally. The charging cables are led outwards through a flameproof opening. In case of fire of the batteries, the resulting pressure inside the batteries can escape to the outside. This is done through the upper ventilation holes, at the same time the smoke is filtered so that no harmful substances are released to the outside. Inside the box, up to 800° can occur in a fire.
Thanks to the special insulation of the box, the floor and side wall can be heated up to a maximum of 80°. The escaping gas does not become hotter than 150°.

Maximum stock quantity:
You can charge and store up to a 6pc 6S 5000mAh equivalent (1100Wh) safely inside the Ro-Safety Xl.

An effective and safe protection against LiPo fires!

Inside dimensions: 250mmx165mmx100mm

Box Contents

- Ro-Safety XL Lipo Safe
- Internal dimensions: 250/165/380 mm

In 1924 Robert Becker (robbe) set up a small sawmill in the heart of Germany, which formed the germ-cell of brand today. At that time modelling was almost unknown, and did not feature in the activities of the young company, which initially concentrated on marketing a broad range of wooden products. After 1945 the first supplies of balsa wood were imported from South America for processing, and it was Hubert Becker, son of the company's founder, who was among the first to recognise the potential of this easily-worked timber in the field of modelling.


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