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The SKYRC D400 is a 2-channel charger with two independent circuits that can charge two different types of batteries simultaneously. It also supports power distribution in AC mode to achieve maximum charging power and reduce charging time. The total power for channel A and channel B is 400W. For example, the charging power for channel 1 can be set to 300W, leaving 100W for channel 2. 400W Ultimate Duo also offers a 150 Watt DC power supply on channel 2 that converts 100-240V AC to 6-15V DC. This can be used to supply 12V consumers. Channel 2 can only be used as a charger or as a power supply, not both functions simultaneously.
Further the device can be used for the following additional functions:
Lithium battery voltage indicator, internal resistance measurement.

The SKYRC D400 is a powerful, microprocessor-controlled charging/discharging station with battery management for use with all common battery types with integrated balancer for up to 7S LiPo, LiFe and LiIon, maximum 20A charging current and maximum 5A discharge current. 20 battery profile memories (10 per channel) are available for quick program recall when charging the same batteries. The additional LiHV mode is able to charge the new generation of LiPo batteries with one end of charging voltage at 4.35V.
It offers automatic charging current limitation, capacity limitation, temperature threshold value and charging time monitoring. All this serves the safety in handling the charger and your batteries.

  • Discharge power: 36W
  • Balancer current Max.: 500mA / cell
  • Float charge current: 50mA - 300mA & OFF
  • Display backlight: blue
  • dimensions (LxWxH): 194x258x82,5mm

Technical data

Input Voltage 12V/DC, 230V/AC
Rechargeable batterie-types LiPo/LiFe/NiMH/Pb
Rechargeable cell count 1-7 Lixx, 1-18 Nixx, 2-24V Pb
Charge current (max) 20 A
Discharge current 0.1-5 A
Cut-off Delta Peak
Power [W] 2x200W

Box Contents

  • 2x balancer board XH
  • 2x charging cable XT-60
  • 2x charging cables open
  • 1x mains plug


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