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Compact 2x 1400W charger with integrated balancer, USB port and card slot for micro SD cards for the logs.
Microprocessor controlled high performance fast loader/unloader and balancer
Supported battery types: LiIo/LiPo/LiFe, NiMH/NiCd, Pb
Number of cells: 1-10 LiIo/LiPo/LiFe, 1-25 NiMH/NiCd, 1-18 Pb (2-36 V)
Input voltage: DC 9-50 V
Input current: < 65A
Max. charging power (asynchronous): 2 x 1400W from >23.5V
Max. charging power (synchronous): 2000W from >23.5V
Charging capacity at input voltage > 23V: Max. 1000W
Charging capacity at input voltage 12V: Max. 500W
Charging current: 2 x 0.05 - 40A (asynchronous)
Charging current: 0.05 - 70A (synchronous)
Discharge capacity max.: 200W synchronous, 130W asynchronous
Discharge current: 0.05 - 70A
Regenerative discharge: up to 1400W asynchronous, 2000W synchronous
Discharge with external load max.1600W 40V/40A or 3200W in synchronous mode
Balancer current: 1.2A per output and cell or 2.4A in synchronous mode
Balance accuracy: 10mV
automatic fan control - 2 fans
USB port
Micro SD slot for storing logs and data
dimension: 210 x 140 x 80 mm
Weight: 1470g

Technical data

Input Voltage 9-50V/DC
Rechargeable batterie-types LiPo/LiFe/NiMH/NiCd/Pb
Rechargeable cell count 1-10 Lixx, 1-25 Nixx, 1-18 Pb
Charge current (max) 40 A
Discharge current 0.05-70 A
Cut-off Delta Peak....
Power [W] 1400 W (2x)

Box Contents

2x boards for XH balancer
2x cables for adapter boards
2x charging cable without battery connection plug
Mini USB data cable
CD for computer programming
Operating instructions in German language


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