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The intelligent CARSON Expert Charger Uni+ charges 1 - 4 NiMH or NiCd batteries of sizes Micro AAA, Mignon AA, Baby C and Mono D as well as a 9V block E. For round cells, a rapid capacity test is carried out for approx. 5 seconds after the batteries have been inserted. The state of charge is displayed by LED for each charging bay. The reverse polarity protection prevents the batteries from being inserted incorrectly. A microcontroller-controlled charging control with automatic switch-off ensures the best charging results. The round cells can remain in the unit after charging is complete. They are kept fresh with a maintenance charge and are always ready for use with 100% full charge.
9V blocks are permanently charged and should be removed from the device after the calculated charging time to avoid overcharging. What many globetrotters will be pleased about - thanks to the wide range input, the CARSON Expert Charger Uni+ can also be used worldwide (via adapter) from 100 - 240V.

Technical data:
- Input voltage 100 - 240 V/AC
- dim. 170 x 150 x 55 mm (LxWxH)
- Weight 439 g.
- Loadable cells:
R03/Micro/AAA, R06/Mignon/AA, R14/Baby/C, R20/Mono/D, 6F22/9V block
- Charging current R03/Micro/AAA 400 mA (1/2 Z); 200 mA (3/4 Z)
- Charging current R06/Mignon/AA 800 mA (1/2 Z); 400 mA (3/4 Z)
- Charging current R14/Baby/C 800 mA (1/2 Z); 400 mA (3/4 Z)
- Charging current R20/mono/D 800 mA (1/2 Z); 400 mA (3/4 Z)
- Charging current 6F22/9V Block 15 mA (1)

Technical Details:
- Microprocessor controlled
- For NiMH/NiCd batteries
- Charging status LED display
- polarity reversal protection
- Multiple overcharge protection*.
- Rapid capacity test
- Maintaining pulse charging
not at 9 V block

Technical data

Input Voltage
Rechargeable batterie-types
Rechargeable cell count
Charge current (max)
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