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Special quick charger for Eneloop batteries size AA or AAA.

Eneloop "Standard" batteries:

Every year, 40 billion wastes of disposable batteries are generated worldwide. Panasonic has reacted to this and offers an alternative with eneloop batteries. This rechargeable battery is built with the latest technology and a convincing design. These batteries have become indispensable in daily life.

eneloop, the environmentally friendly, rechargeable battery

The concept behind the development of the eneloop battery is based on sustainability and concern for our planet. The batteries are fully charged when purchased and can be recharged up to 2,100 times. In addition, our batteries discharge very slowly, allowing them to be used longer than conventional alkaline batteries. In addition, after 5 years they still have 70% of their original capacity.

The manufacturing costs of this battery are higher than those of conventional batteries, but they pay for themselves faster because they discharge more slowly and can be charged faster and better than conventional batteries. In the long run you save money with the purchase of these batteries.

Besides the modern and slim design, eneloop technology is indispensable in all areas of life: at home in the most diverse devices such as remote controls, portable telephones or toys, but also at work eneloop can no longer be dispensed with. Our eneloop batteries are ideal for wireless keyboards, cameras and much more.

Technical data

Input Voltage 230V/AC
Rechargeable batterie-types NiMH
Rechargeable cell count 0-0 Lixx, 1-4 Nixx
Charge current (max) 6 A
Discharge current 0.1-1 A
Cut-off Nixx:Delta Peak/Lipo-PB:CC-CV-Autom.
Power [W] 50 W (4x)

Box Contents

  • Eneloop charger
  • 4 pcs. 2000mAh AA Eneloop batteries


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