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Hyperion keeps you connected!

Now simultaneously charge not 1 but 6 LiPo with UM (JST-1.25) connector easily without investing for a new charger, with this simple charging & balancing cable harness. Connects to your standard 6S charger having 4mm female banana plugs and 2~6s balance ports. Works with 1S LiPo using UM connectors. This cable harness is specially for use with Eflite style UM series models using 1S packs with JST-1.25 connectors and lets you charge and balance through a single connector, the UM connector saves weight of additional balance plug and also acts as a discharge plug. It features the JST-1.25 (E-flite style) connectors on one end, and 4mm banana plugs with 6S JST-XH balance plug on the other side. Especially useful for micro/mini plane lovers using the Eflite style connectors.

Stock chargers included with the Eflite UM series models are slow and can charge only single packs. Save time and charge 6 packs at one go without fear and with full control from your favorite 6s charger. Factory soldered/crimped connectors ensure a solid and durable connection that will last for long.

Included with the package:
Series Charge & Balancing Cable for 6pcs UM 1S LiPo (6S1P)x 1

Input plugs: 2 x 4mm Banana male with 15cm cable
Balance plug: 6S JXT-XH with 7cm cable
Output plug: 6 x UM/JST-1.25 (E-flite style)

Technical data

Connector system
Connector system 1 Banana plug
Connector system 2 Umx
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