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With its higher output voltage range, the popular S400 version 3 now fits perfectly with modern chargers that only achieve full charging power with a high input voltage. Despite its small dimensions, the small power supply has an output power of 400W with an input voltage of AC100V-240V. The high efficiency of the converter system of max. 92% ensures low losses and low heating. This powerful and programmable switching power supply has been specially designed for operation with RC high-performance chargers operating with up to 30V input voltage.


Active power factor correction (Active PFC)
compliant with European Commission Regulation no 278/2009 and Energy Star Version 2.0
The input voltage range of AC100-240V ensures safe operation worldwide - without extra changeover switch
High efficiency of the converter system of up to 92%.
Synchronous rectification for high efficiency
adjustable output voltage from 10 to 30V
LCD display with indication of voltage and current
Overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, overtemperature protection
Output short-circuit protection
intelligently controlled fans switch on automatically as soon as the temperature reaches the limit value of 45°C
Output: XT60 connector
The device can be started at idle or full load.
general data:

Ambient temperature during operation: -10 - 45°C
Operating humidity: 5% - 95%.
Storage temperature: -20 - 70°C
Storage humidity: 30% - 90%.

Nominal voltage: AC110 / 220V
Voltage range: AC100 - 240V
rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Frequency range : 47-63Hz
Input current max: 4.5A at 100V, 2A at 220V
Efficiency: 90% at 60% load and 220V input voltage
Active PFC: PF>0.99 at 100V and 100% load, PF>0.97 at 220V and 100% load

Voltage: 10 - 30V programmable
Voltage accuracy: ±1%.
Ripple voltage: 150mV
Current: 0 - 13,5A

Overvoltage protection: 30.5V max.
Overcurrent protection: 14A max
Overload protection: 400W max
Overtemperature protection: 85°C max.
Output short-circuit protection

Dimensions: 145x106x55 (LxWxH in mm)
Weight: 0.8Kg without cable
Output connection:

Output: XT60 connector

Technical data

Input Voltage 220 V
Output voltage 10-30V
Charge current (max) 13,5A


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