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The Match Lipo (TM) Series - Industrial Quality at Model Making Prices
The market today is flooded with LiPo batteries of all performance classes. One should get suspicious at the latest when the performance data promise true brilliant performances or the prices are unrealistically low. Data like e.g. 65C duration discharge rate are no rarity today. This would mean that for example a battery with 5,000mAh capacity could be permanently loaded with 325A - of course these are values on paper which have nothing to do with reality. Nevertheless, such information is often given to make a product seemingly more attractive. In practice, the most promising labels usually have the lowest utility value.

Who is not his money enemy, decides therefore for our MATCH batteries. All cells are manufactured according to industry standards and selected several times before packaging. In direct comparison to the usual model building batteries, the achievable values are even considerably higher. A constant voltage level as well as the lowest possible cell drift characterize our MATCH LiPo´s additionally.

Benefit from the following advantages:
- Industry standards in manufacturing (no ordinary model making production)
- multiple selection processes during production and packaging
- excellent power-to-weight ratio
- above-average cycle stability
- fast charging with up to 4C
- high-quality workmanship and cable quality
- constantly high voltage level during the flight
- lowest possible cell drift
- noticeable more POWER and longer service life for your RC-Heli
- Special design for Goblin Fireball / Mini Comet

Technical data
-load capacity:
-Max charge rate:
-dimensions (LxWxH):
-sensor cable:
approx. 244g
approx. 80mm x 45mm x 33mm

Technical data

Kapazität 1280 mAh
Spannung 22,2 V
Gewicht :
Typ Lipoly
Form 6S
L/B/H mm


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