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LiPo batteries with Spektrum Smart ™ technology practically take care of themselves. No balance plug necessary anymore. In combination with a Spektrum ™ Smart charger, the specific parameters, past charging and discharging cycles and much more are immediately available. Charging a Smart LiPo is easy and Smart LiPo batteries are programmable to meet your exact charging requirements. What is special about a Smart LiPo spectrum, however, is that they can be programmed to automatically discharge into the storage state (storage voltage).
LiPo Charging and Maintenance of the Future - Spectrum Smart LiPo Pack!

Spektrum Smart technology allows you to practice your hobby more comfortably and safely. You get full control over your LiPos and have a safer and more conscious overview of your equipment - this makes your everyday life easier every day. Your battery technology becomes more "intelligent". Spektrum Smart LiPos are part of a wide range of smart technology products that are now available.

- Integrated microchip stores unique parameters for each LiPo
- Smart discharge allows the battery to automatically discharge to a safe bearing voltage
- Save time and effort and increase the service life of the LiPo
- Powerful 50C continuous discharge power for outstanding performance and longevity
- A side protective thin metal plate helps dissipate heat, maintain battery shape and increase durability
- No soldering required, equipped with IC3 and IC5 connectors compatible with EC3 and EC5
- 50C LiPo packs are available in a variety of capacities and cell counts to suit virtually any application

Feature Overview
You don't need to adjust the charging settings for a Spektrum Smart battery until you want to. When a Spektrum Smart LiPo battery is connected to a Spektrum Smart charger, the individual parameters and state of the Smart LiPo battery are charged by the Smart Microchip built into the battery. The charger lets you view and set presets, such as charge rates, so all you have to do to charge the battery is press the "Start" button each time. Smart technology does the rest.

Our reliable Spectrum Smart 50C LiPos are available in many popular sizes and can be used instantly on your RC plane or helicopter for maximum performance, performance, and reliability. Perfect for high-performance models and power systems, these battery packs are an excellent upgrade for those who need more power and power output in almost any setup.

Spectrum Smart LiPos store individual data such as:
- Battery brand
- battery type
- battery capacity
- battery C rate
- single-cell voltage
- battery temperature
- Charging/discharging cycles

Technical data

Capacity 1800 mAh
Voltage 22,2 V
Type Lipoly
Form 6S
Discharge current 50C
L/W/H [mm]
Spektrum is a brand from the American company Horizon Hobby. "Spektrum" is a RC Radio System revolutionizing the 2,4 GHZ RC industry. With Spektrum, Horizon Hobby was one of the first companies worldwide to offer the 2,4 GHZ technology and telemetry. Today, Spektrum is widely known as one of the best on the market in RC Radio Systems. Many Horizon Hobby models can be instantly connected with Spektrum remotes via BNF (Bind and Fly) such as Blade, E-flite, Hangar 9, hobbyzone, parkzone, or Vaterra products.


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