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Please be aware that this product can only be shipped to the following countries: Austria, Germany (except Wellpower-CHECK), Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary!

Eneloop Pro rechargeable batteries are the perfect choice for powering high-current consumers such as photo flashlights, wireless keyboards, mice, gamecontrollers, remote controls, RC toys and a range of household appliances. We have developed the Eneloop pro under extreme conditions where high performance is required in very low ambient temperatures (up to -20°C).

Low self-discharge
Offers high performance even at minus temperatures (up to -20 ° C)
Can be recharged up to 500 times
Combines the best characteristics of alkaline (ready to use) and rechargeable (reusable) batteries
Factory precharged with solar energy and ready to use directly from the packaging TO USE
They hold 85% of their cargo after 1 year of storage
No memory effect

Technical data

o) Ideal for E-batteries, NO high-current cell
) High-current cell, fast-chargeable, particularly suitable for drive batteries of electric motors
1) Standard cell f. univ. utilisation

Capacity (mAh): 2500
Voltage (V): 1,2
Weight (g): 30
Type: o
Form: AA
L/W/H (mm): 50,5/14,5/-
Soldering lug: No

Box Contents

  • 4 pcs. blister
  • 2500mAh (min.2450mAh)


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