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Developed for the racetrack. The new bittydesign M410 body offers speed, grip and easy handling in all conditions.

Italian design combined with high craftsmanship. Lightweight yet stable, the M410 body offers wonderful handling on the racetrack. Tested and developed in collaboration with the European Bittydesign team, it will convince you.

Product features:
- Made from high quality Lexan®.
- Delivery incl. screws, nuts and plastic washers
- Only available as Lightweight 0.75mm version
- Including window films and sticker sheets

The delivery of the body is transparent. This is therefore only painted for illustrative purposes !

Sie befinden sich gerade in der Kategorie Bodies & Decals bei Artikel M410 190MM TC BODY LIGHTWEIGHT 1/10 von BITTYDESIGN. Dieses Produkt ist für RC-Modellautos im Maßstab mit einer Breite von geeignet.


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