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You are often on the road in a DIY store because you repair almost everything yourself at home? Do you have a demanding hobby and maintain your models with great passion? Sooner or later you will not be able to get past mibenco® liquid rubber! Or are you also a craftsman? Do you work in a car repair shop and therefore have particularly high demands on the material used? Then you won't be able to get past mibenco® liquid rubber either!

For what reason?
Because mibenco® liquid rubber not only redefines the repair of cars, but also greatly simplifies do-it-yourself work, model building and craftsmanship. This product makes many individual work steps superfluous.

mibenco® liquid rubber protects, rubberizes, repairs, renews, coats, seals, and has anti-slip properties. All these properties are combined in one product with the liquid rubber from mibenco® PUR. Try it out: the application is easy to use, even for beginners. You will notice that this liquid rubber has a great covering power and does not become brittle or brittle even under extreme conditions.

mibenco® liquid rubber is weather-resistant - strong sunlight or a lot of moisture can't harm this material! The liquid rubber adheres to metal as well as to wood, plastic, fabric, glass and stone - and many other materials. Whether table, chair, fence, car, terrace or shelf: mibenco® liquid rubber always holds!

You don't want to repair anything, but simply want to give your car, garden chairs or the floor a new look? Even then, with mibenco® liquid rubber you have the right product in your hands. This all-purpose wonder is available in 40 different colours - from matt to glossy.

1. find a suitable environment
Depending on the size of the object to be coated, the application area should also offer sufficient space and good ventilation so that no dust particles or insects are trapped in your coating. Avoid direct sunlight.

2. have the necessary accessories ready
This includes e. g. adhesive tape, paint mask (so that you do not inhale solvents), disposable gloves, old newspapers for masking uncoated surfaces.

3. pretreat the surface to be coated.
The surface must be made free of dust and grease before coating. Any dirt between the surface and the liquid rubber coating can lead to an uneven result. Here we recommend our mibenco® PRE-CLEANER.

4. the surface must be dry
Dry the surface well after cleaning. We recommend our mibenco® MICROFIBER CLOTH. Avoid textiles with logos and motifs or paper towels as they can scratch the surface.

5. glue surfaces not to be coated from.
Although mibenco® liquid rubber is easy to remove, you should ease your work by masking off surfaces that are not to be coated. For example, glue windows, logos or similar items that you do not want to coat with newspaper and adhesive tape.

6. prepare liquid rubber
If you use our spray can for the coating, it must be shaken vigorously for a few minutes so that the pigments can adhere to the liquid rubber. Use the PURE or SPRÜHFERTIGE material, stir it carefully with a clean stirring rod for several minutes (avoid air inclusions).

7. spray in several shifts
We recommend that you start with the edges and continue working in the cloister. Each layer takes about 10-15 minutes to dry. Important note! To prevent craters and unevenness, do not touch the freshly coated surface. Allow them to dry thoroughly first. After drying out, you can touch them without hesitation. It is recommended to wear a paint mask and eye protection during the coating process.

8. spray the first layer only very thin
It is important that the first layer of spray film is only sprayed very thinly. Optimal is a transparency between 40 - 50 % between the surface and the first layer of spray foil. The first layer of spray film serves as a bonding layer between the surface and the mibenco® liquid rubber material. This results in a better and more durable adhesion of the further layers. Spray mibenco® liquid rubber in the cloister and make sure to keep a distance of approx. 15 to 20 cm from the surface. Depending on the ambient temperature, each layer of spray film takes approx. 10 - 15 minutes to dry until the next layer can be applied.

9. spray further layers
Spray additional layers of liquid rubber (spray film). Depending on the colour of the wing

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Content 175 g
Color clear glossy

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