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The ELECTRONIC OVERALL LUMINAIRE contains 7 high luminous LED´s. The rotating beacon can be used either with the "Rotation" program or with the "Stroboscope" program. The function of the RC switch is integrated in the electronics of the rotating beacon, i.e. the rotating beacon switches directly into the channel of the receiver. The rotating beacon is programmed from the production for immediate use. Check whether the switch for controlling the rotating beacon is in the zero position. Switch on the RC system, i.e. first the transmitter, then the receiver. The rotating beacon briefly lights up with half-brightness = it indicates that the model is switched on. The zero position is currently read in and the rotating beacon goes out. It now works on one side of the rotating beacon with the "Rotation" program and on the other side with the "Stroboscope" program.
  • Voltage: from receiver (4.8-6.0V)
  • diameter: approx. 11,5mm
  • height: approx. 17mm


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