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With the dDrive system, Team Orion has combined its latest brushless controller and highly efficient motor technology in just one unit and provided it with an aluminium housing that meets the special requirements. The compact design not only ensures easy installation, but also reduces the weight of the Vortex dDrive by around 20%, thus enabling a better power-to-weight ratio. Thanks to a simple system with few components, plug contacts and electrical connections, fewer sources of error and lower internal resistance are created. This results in significantly improved performance and reliability. The Vortex dDrive can be easily replaced with an existing system. You do not have to change the setup once. The parameters can be easily set via the setup button - no programming card or similar is required. The result: A user-friendly motor-regulator combo that turns your 1/10 on- and off-road vehicles into real brushless bolides.

- 2-in-1 motor-controller combo for 1/10 vehicles
- Compact design
- For LiPo and NiMH operation
- Powerful 4-pole motor
- Aluminium housing with highly efficient cooling
- Forward/Brake, Forward/Brake/Reverse and Forward/Reverse modes
- Custom Performance Settings
- Overheating protection system
- Low voltage cut-off system
- Status control via LEDs and sound
- Plug&Play: No soldering, easy setup
- Equipped with Deans high current connectors
- Splash water protected

Technical data

Wicklung 4-polig
U/min TBLE-03S REGLER passend
Leistung 85 W
Gewicht 217 g
Wirkungsgr.% 95
U/V 3000
Motor-Art Innenläufer


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