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The Seaking V3 controller series has been designed for use in boats. All regulators are water-cooled and have generously dimensioned connection nipples for the silicone hose. The Seaking Series is characterized by reliable technology and small size. These controllers are designed exclusively for controlling brushless motors. LiPo batteries are used as the energy source. The number of cells is automatically detected.
Due to the use of high-quality SMD components, the internal resistance of the controllers is particularly low. The high switching frequency gives the Seaking V3 controllers a high-resolution and sensitive control response. All controllers have temperature and overcurrent protection. If water gets into the model, the regulators are watertight. And of course, the entire series is equipped with an effective tarnish protection if the gas stick on the transmitter is not set to neutral when switching on.

- Automatic recognition of the number of cells (manual setting possible) for LiPo
- Water-cooled electronics for maximum continuous load capacity
- 2 operating modes: Forward/forward/reverse only with reduced power
- The control range for the motor can be adapted to all common transmitter types.
- Linear, very direct and fast control response.
- Waterproof
- Stabilized power supply for the microprocessor
- Multiple protection devices: Undervoltage protection / Overtemperature protection / Signal monitoring.
- Extremely low internal resistance
- Adjustable timing
- Powerful BEC
- Motor switch-off in case of missing transmitter signal or radio interference
- High-quality connection cables with silicone insulation
- Programming of the controller via programming card possible
- Programmable controller parameters:
- Operating mode (only forward / forward - reverse)
- Number of LiPo cells (Auto / manual selection)

Technical data

Zellen 2-3LiPo
Dauer A 30
Max A 180
Größe 54,5/28,3/18,7mm
Gewicht 41 g
Typ Brushless


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