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The QuicRun series from HobbyWing includes brushed and brushless drive systems. The brushless systems are also available with sensorless and sensor-based drives, so this series offers a suitable solution for every need. The series is also very cost effective and is aimed primarily at beginners and advanced pilots. It convinces by the outstanding quality of the Hobbywing products as well as by the uncomplicated commissioning.


Water & dust protected for use in all weather & track conditions
Small size with built-in capacitor module
Three different driving modes are available:
Forward / Brake / Reverse
Forward / Brake
Forward / Backward (also called Crawler Mode)
Good current carrying capacity
Built-in switching BEC with high power
Automatic gas path calibration
Easy to program via jumpers
Various protective functions:
Low voltage protection for batteries
Thermal overheating protection
Gas signal Loss protection

Technical data

Forward const. / Short-term load: 60A /360A
Reverse Const. / Short-term load: 30A /180A
Voltage range: 2-3S Lipo or 5-9 NiMH
Scale: 1/10

Application / field of application:
touring car
short course truck
rock crawler

Engine limit:
2S Lipo or 6 cells NiMH: 540, 550 Motor size: >=12T or RPM < 30000 @7.2V
3S Lipo or 9 cells NiMH: 540, 550 Motor size: >=18T or rpm < 20000 @7.2V
BEC output: 3A / 6V
Dimensions: 36,5 x 32 x 18mm
Weight: 39g
The controller can be programmed via jumpers.

Operating modes:
Forward / Brake / Reverse
Forward / Brake
Forward / Backward (also called Crawler Mode)
Battery Type: LiPo / NiMH

Technical data

Zellen 2-3 LiPo
Dauer A Vorwärts: 60A
Max A Vorwärts:360A
Größe 36,5/32/18
Gewicht 39
Typ Brushed
Windungen 12 oder 18


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