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Since custom builders make up a large part of the RC crawler community, Redcat's Gen8 P-A-C-K serves the individualist who makes the "extraordinary" happy.
The Gen8 P-A-C-K (Pre-Assembled Chassis Kit) is the answer for crawler fans who want to create their personalized "Gen8 chassis".
The choice of the electronics, the preferred wheels and the desired body is left to each individual.
Of course, the Gen8 P-A-C-K comes with many basics that custom builders are looking for and is ready to be transformed into a powerful, unique, custom vehicle.

The Gen8 P-A-C-K is based on the chassis that makes the Gen8 International® Scout II RTR crawler so great. Designed and developed by Redcat - built for enthusiasts.
The new Gen8 P-A-C-K naturally shares the same production suspension components as the Gen8 International® Scout II RTR vehicle, such as C-channel frame rails, battery tray low centre of gravity, centrally mounted transfer case, lockable slipping clutch, portal axles with metal gear covers, MOD-1 transmission, CNC-manufactured aluminum spools, front CVAs, 32 rubber-sealed ball bearings, aluminum shock absorbers, 47º steering angle with matching Ackerman, Panhard rod, LED-enabled bumpers, winch-ready front bumper and frame-mounted floor tray.
Like the RTR model, the Gen8 P-A-C-K also features portal axles that provide 44.5 mm of ground clearance.
The steering angle and ground clearance make it much easier to manoeuvre the vehicle in the tightest of spaces.

The additional ground clearance of the portal axles enables the Gen8 to overcome obstacles that would normally be the fate of other vehicles with conventional axles. The portal axles are equipped with MOD1 transmissions for longer life. CNC machined aluminium spools are used to ensure that both the left and right wheels release the same tractive force. Aluminium panhard bars support the suspension of the portal axles. This setup has proven to be a very effective combination, both on the trail and on the rocks.

As mentioned earlier, the Gen8 chassis uses a separate transfer case. This arrangement has several advantages, such as an even weight distribution of the powertrain along the centreline of the vehicle with a very low centre of gravity. This becomes noticeable on the trail when aggressive slopes are attacked from the side. Another special feature is the lower battery holder in the chassis. This also keeps the centre of gravity low, but also creates space for a tailor-made cockpit. This fact will certainly be a huge argument for the scale custom builders out there.

Technical data:

- Dimensions (LxWxH): 571 x 195 x 130 mm (adjustable 541-601 mm)
- Weight: 2300 g
- Wheelbase: 324 mm (312-336 mm adjustable)
- Ground clearance: 44,5 - 73,4 mm (with Gen8 RTR tyres)
- Shock absorber: aluminium threaded oil pressure shock absorber
- Damper springs Hardness grade: Soft
- Damper installation length: 100 mm v/h (95 mm)
- Drive system: 4WD all-wheel drive
- Chassis type: Gen8 basic chassis front mounted
- Chassis Construction:1.5 mm C-Channel Frame
- Motor ratio: spur gear 45T / motor pinion 17T
- Possible ratios Motor pinion: 9T to 23T (28,12 to 71,85)

Technical data

Engine Type : Electric
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:10
Chassis :
Use :
Length :
Width :
Rec. Engine :
Version KIT
Brand of car
Drive / Build : 12.jpg

Box Contents

- 1 crawler chassis Gen8 P-A-C-K (pre-assembled)
- instruction manual

Required accessories:
- speed controller
- engine
- Remote control system with receiver
- steering servo
- Wheels / rims and tyres
- body
- Batteries for remote control
- drive battery
- Battery charger for drive battery


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