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TRX-4 Sport Crawler in scale 1:10
-Pickup body in blue or red
-TQ 2.4 GHz 2 channel remote control
-Titan 550 Engine
-steel frame
-Separately available accessories

Traxxas has developed a versatile, brand new crawler in its customary incomparable way. The TRX-4 Sport can be customized with various separately available accessories. It has countless innovative features such as a steel frame that gives the chassis stability. The rigidity improves the off-road handling. In combination with the ingenious wheel suspension, you can easily conquer even technically demanding terrain. Cable ducts inside the vehicle ensure clean wiring and a neat appearance. The oil-filled GTS aluminium shock absorbers were specially developed for the TRX-4. They also ensure smooth handling under the harshest off-road conditions. The Dual Fit battery holder ensures easy battery replacement without splints that might get lost off-road. The hinged mounting lever can be turned to two different heights. A recess integrated in the battery compartment allows smaller batteries to be fixed in place. Thanks to its innovative portal axles, the TRX-4 achieves more ground clearance than other vehicles. The wheels are positioned lower at the outermost point by a gear reduction. The off-road genius has a short transmission as well as locked front and rear axles which allow it to overcome all obstacles even in the most difficult terrain.

TQ 2,4GHz 2 channel remote control With the included 2.4GHz remote control you do not have to set any channels or frequencies. The ergonomic design is very appealing due to the integrated and therefore protected antenna. The TQ is light and fits well in the hand.

Waterproof electronics and Titan 550 engine The Titan 550 is the largest engine for crawler monster trucks. With its built-in radiator, it ensures uninterrupted driving pleasure even in rough terrain. The waterproof XL-5 HV regulator offers 5 driving profiles and is easy to operate with the EZ set with just one button. In addition to the already known driving modes SPORT/RENNEN/TRAINING there are now 2 new driving profiles especially for crawlers.

The sealed electronic parts allow driving through water, mud and snow for unlimited driving fun.

The exclusively patented training mode limits the performance to 50% by pressing the switch and is therefore ideal for young drivers or beginners.

Technical data

Engine Type : Electric
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:10
Chassis :
Length :
Width :
Rec. Engine :
Brand of car
Drive / Build :

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Especially in the RC-car and RC-race boad genre, TRAXXAS is one of the top labels. Names like E-Revo, E-Maxx or Spartan conjure a smile on model sportsman's faces from all over the world. "The Fastest Name in Radio Control" take the biscuit and the models convince with performance and innovative ideas. Get the ultimative driving enjoyment now and look forward to action-packed races with your friends!


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