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With the predecessor of the TYPHON™ 4X4 BLX RTR Speed Buggy, ARRMA brought the proven blend of brute power, style and robustness to the 3S class. With the now enclosed Spektrum™ STX2 you'll find it even easier to get started with 1/8 bashing and handling at up to 80 km/h!

The new Spectrum STX2 2.4 GHz 2-channel remote control offers you many features found only in high-end 2.4 GHz radio systems, including throttle and steering reversal, throttle and steering travel adjustment and throttle limitation. Rounded off with the waterproof 2-channel SRX200 spectrum receiver, you're ready for any adventure!

The TYPHON 4X4 3S BLX is pushed by the brushless BLX100. Incredible torque, acceleration and speed are the order of the day. The previous version of the 3S LiPo-capable setup already proved that the power and robustness of its brushless 3200-kV motor and 100-A-ESC can be handled perfectly. The new IC5 ™ connection (EC5 ™ compatible) makes the power supply even smarter. The transmission and chassis are ruggedly designed to take full advantage of the electronics' performance - in the tradition of ARRMA, DESIGNED FAST, DESIGNED TOUGH.

The low centre of gravity with a wide wheelbase and narrow buggy wheels and tyres ensures perfect handling on any terrain - whether on a racetrack, trail, sand hollow or skate park. The metallic finish of the TYPHON 4X4 3S BLX and the forged composite details are in no way inferior to the performance of this speed buggy!

Spektrum™ STX2® 2.4GHz Remote Control System
- waterproof 2-channel SRX200 receiver
- Built-in 3 position gas limiter
- improved range and trouble-free performance
- Gas and steering path reversal
- Gas and steering path adjustment
- gas path limiter
- ADS-7M Waterproof Metal Gear Servo
- Max. Servo Actuating force @6V: 6 kg-cm
- Max. Servo speed @6V: 0.14 s

Features Buggy:
- 80+km/h top speed
- The ideal entry into the "Buggy Basher class".
- Spektrum™ STX2® 2.4GHz Remote Control System
- BLX100 Brushless System
- Easily accessible drive module
- Easily accessible electronic module
- metal differentials
- Double wishbone front and rear suspension
- Oil-filled shocks with adjustable links
- High-speed center driveshaft support
- Built-in servo saver for robust, responsive steering
- Adjustable turnbuckles
- Adjustable ride height
- Adjustable body mounts
- Tough multi-spoke wheels
- Multi-terrain DBoots® 2-HQ tires
- 17mm red-anodized aluminum hexes
- Durable composite C-hubs
- Accepts standard 1/8 scale buggy wheels and tires
- Metallic-look body with forged composite detail
- High-downforce wing
- Realistic decals
- Waterproof electronics

Technical data

Engine Type : Brushless electric
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:8
Chassis : 4x4
Length : 511 mm
Width : 306 mm
Rec. Engine : included
Brand of car
Drive / Build : 21.jpg

Box Contents

- ARRMA 1/8 TYPHON™ 4X4 BLX RTR Speed Buggy with:
- Spektrum™ waterproof 2-channel SRX200 receiver (ready built)
- ADS-7M Waterproof Metal Gear Servo (ready mounted)
- ARRMA BLX3660 3200Kv brushless motor (finished)
- BLX100 ESC 2S/3S with IC5™ connector (completely installed)
- Spektrum™ STX2 2.4GHz 2-Channel Transmitter
- instruction manual

DESIGNED FAST DESIGNED TOUGH ARMA is a label, which defines the high speed-RC-action new. Here starts your journey into the fantastic world of the RC-car-driving because ARRMA offers exciting vehicles for every purpose. It doesn't matter, if you are a newcomer in the RC-car-hobby or if you are an old hand, ARRMA has everything to present newcomer and experts with a challenge. Designed by experts, who unterstand their business, offer the ARRMA-vehicles a preeminant cost effectiveness, excellent speed and a robust construction, because ARRMA-vehicles are "Designed to be Fast, Designed to be Touch".


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