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Please be aware that this product can only be shipped to the following countries: Austria, Germany (except Wellpower-CHECK), Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary!

The BIG ROCK™ CREW CAB 4X4 3S BLX brings back the popular "street truck" style of the 1:8 BIG ROCK™ as a 1:10 monster truck on the powerful 4X4 BLX platform. Coming from a brush motor basher to the new BIG ROCK™, it's a huge step to more power and more than 80 km/h, and a must for any driver who appreciates the extreme ARRMA® ruggedness!

The STX2® 2-channel remote control that controls the BIG ROCK™ CREW CAB 4X4 3S BLX has many of the features found in high-end 2.4 GHz remote control systems: Gas and steering reverse, gas and steering travel adjustment, throttle travel limiter and more. The STX2® is coupled to a factory installed waterproof 2-channel SRX200 receiver.

The long Crew Cab body of the BIG ROCK ™ CREW CAB 4X4 3S BLX is characteristic for its street style and is accentuated by the black chrome front and rear bumper and rims. With the included dBoots® RAGNAROK MT tires, you can ride on dirt tracks, trails and even deep mud tracks. An adjustable wheelie bar is standard, so you can do a stunt on the go.

ARRMA engineers have made sure that this monster truck has the power and toughness to keep your muscles playing at all times and master any challenge. The transmission and chassis design, also proven on the BLX RTRs GRANITE ™ and SENTON™ 4X4 3S, provides the durability you need to get the most out of the BLX100 brushless drive system. When the 3200 kV brushless motor and 100 A controller get to work, the BIG ROCK ™ -CREW CAB 4X4 3S BLX breaks a power and speed avalanche

- Extremely resistant - DESIGNED FAST, DESIGNED TOUGH
- Fast, 80+ km/h Speed
- Exciting monster truck look
- Spektrum™ STX2® 2.4GHz Remote Control System
- BLX100 Brushless System
- Easily accessible drive module
- Easily accessible electronic module
- metal differentials
- Double wishbone front and rear suspension
- Oil-filled shock absorbers with spacer clips
- Built-in servo saver for rugged, responsive steering
- Strut of the middle drive shaft for high speeds
- Adjustable Steel Turnbuckles
- Adjustable height
- Adjustable body mounts
- Detailed scale Long Crew Cab body for realistic "street truck" look
- Black chromed scale front and rear bumper
- Black chrome plated multi-spoke Street Truck Rims
- dBoots® RAGNAROK MT for all surfaces
- Adjustable Wheelie Bar
- Waterproof electronics

Technical data

Engine Type : Brushless electric
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:10
Chassis : 4x4
Length : 327 mm
Width : 328 mm
Rec. Engine : included
Brand of car
Drive / Build : 11.jpg

Box Contents

- ARRMA 1/10 BIG ROCK™ CREW CAB 4X4 3S BLX RTR Monster Truck with:
- Waterproof 2-channel SRX200 receiver (ready installed)
- ADS-7M Waterproof Metal Gear Servo (ready mounted)
- BLX3660 3200Kv Brushless Motor(ready installed)(installed)
- BLX100 ESC 2S/3S with IC5™ connector (completely installed)
- Spektrum™ STX2® 2.4GHz Remote Control System
- instruction manual

DESIGNED FAST DESIGNED TOUGH ARMA is a label, which defines the high speed-RC-action new. Here starts your journey into the fantastic world of the RC-car-driving because ARRMA offers exciting vehicles for every purpose. It doesn't matter, if you are a newcomer in the RC-car-hobby or if you are an old hand, ARRMA has everything to present newcomer and experts with a challenge. Designed by experts, who unterstand their business, offer the ARRMA-vehicles a preeminant cost effectiveness, excellent speed and a robust construction, because ARRMA-vehicles are "Designed to be Fast, Designed to be Touch".


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