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Please be aware that this product can only be shipped to the following countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Slovakia, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary!

We present the brand new ARRMA SENTON 4x4 Short Course Truck. The SENTON 4x4 MEGA has superior traction on all surfaces, for all tracks and all road conditions thanks to its permanent all-wheel drive.

Precisely crafted aluminium, super-sturdy steel and durable composite plastics all combine to create an easy-to-service chassis design that's made for real action. The SENTON 4x4 MEGA offers a model-like short course truck design for mud-spattering and dust-raising action on the track.

Built to withstand any weather, the SENTON 4x4 MEGA offers a range of high quality ARRMA features to ensure that you can tackle any terrain with this model-like short course truck.

It's something. Thanks to great body details and great stickers, the SENTON 4x4 MEGA Short Course Truck looks even better up close.

The large-volume shock absorbers absorb any road unevenness. They come pre-set to be prepared for any road condition - be it speed runs, mud or snow. No matter on which track they move, these high performance units allow constant vehicle control.

The shock absorbers of the SENTON 4x4 MEGA have self-locking spring plates and a patented self-venting design. They are therefore easy to maintain and offer top performance at all times.

Technical data

Engine Type : Electric
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:10
Chassis :
Length :
Width :
Rec. Engine : included
Brand of car
Drive / Build : 11.jpg
DESIGNED FAST DESIGNED TOUGH ARMA is a label, which defines the high speed-RC-action new. Here starts your journey into the fantastic world of the RC-car-driving because ARRMA offers exciting vehicles for every purpose. It doesn't matter, if you are a newcomer in the RC-car-hobby or if you are an old hand, ARRMA has everything to present newcomer and experts with a challenge. Designed by experts, who unterstand their business, offer the ARRMA-vehicles a preeminant cost effectiveness, excellent speed and a robust construction, because ARRMA-vehicles are "Designed to be Fast, Designed to be Touch".


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