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The B6.1 is the best choice for all high-trip routes where forward weight distribution, a low chassis centre of gravity and lateral stabilizers are advantageous.

Champions by Design. The 1:10 2WD off-road class has always been the core competence of Team Associated. Since the introduction of the RC10 series in 1984, Team Associated has won 12 of the 17 IFMAR World Championships. In fact, Team Associated has won more 2WD World Championship titles than all other manufacturers put together.

The development continues. The B6 platform was accompanied by the introduction of two different chassis configurations - the B6.1 now continues this. The B6.1 is the ideal choice for all high grip tracks where forward weight distribution, a low centre of gravity and lateral stabilisers offer decisive advantages. The B6.1D, on the other hand, comes with the newly developed Lay Back Stealth transmission, which provides additional traction out of corners and is therefore ideal for tracks with less grip. In addition, both kits come with +1 Ackermann plates for the steering and "Gullwing" suspension arms for the front axle. Both together ensure precise handling and superior vehicle control. Both vehicles also feature new features such as a quick and easy access differential, differential height adjustment, a new slipping clutch and the proven interchangeability of many parts within the two configurations. Both buggies also have the speed and durability you would expect from a real champion. Choose your configuration and face your competitors!

The pictures on this page show prototypes that are also equipped with parts that are not included: Reedy #27402 engine, #27322 battery, #27004 controller, #27101 servo, receiver, wheels, tires, and motor pinion. Assembly and painting required.

Feature Details
- Easily accessible bevel gear differential
- Differential height adjustment by means of 0, 1, 2, 3mm inserts
- New slipping clutch for better weight balance and more space
- 3 gear laydown stealth gear for low forward center of gravity
- Heavy Duty V2 carbon fibre front shock absorber bridge with edge protection
- Heavy Duty V2 carbon fiber rear shock mount, standard height
- Heavy Duty V2 wheel axles rear with 67mm bone
- V2 springs for better and more agile vehicle response
- Innovative rear wishbones with inserts for ultra-fine suspension settings
- Cast guard bar for the main gear wheel
- Front and rear transverse stabilisers reduce chassis inclination and improve cornering speed
- Battery holder allows the use of an additional support to the gearbox
- Milled piston plates for higher precision
- Aluminium front and rear wheel drivers
- Rear wheel carriers with large ball bearings and inserts for the upper tie rods and wheel axle height
- One-piece damper holter
- C- and D-suspension brackets made of aluminium with inserts for adjusting Anti-Squat and toe-in
- Lightweight aluminium topshaft
- Factory Team ball bearing set as standard (oiled, for lower drive losses)
- JConcepts B6 Body and Rear Wing
- Steel chassis weight
- Short 7075 Aluminum Chassis

Technical data

Engine Type : Brushless electric
Drivetrain : 2WD
Scale : 1:10
Chassis :
Length :
Width :
Rec. Engine : Brushless
Version KIT
Brand of car
Drive / Build : 33.jpg

Box Contents

- Drive: Electric
- Underground: Terrain
- Body type: Buggy
- Scale: 1:10
- Prefabrication level: Construction kit*
- Length: varies
- Width: varies
- Wheelbase: varies
- Weight: varies
- Internal reduction: 2.6:1
- Power Train: 2WD
- This vehicle is a kit and must be assembled by the user. Electronics and/or a motor may be required.

- Required for completion
- Electric motor for 1:10 vehicles
- Electronic speed controller
- Battery: 7.4V LiPo, 6.6V LiFe (Shorty, Saddle Pack or Square Pack) Saddle and Square Pack batteries can only be used without battery holder #91731 and must be taped)
- Charger (for the above battery types)
- 2-channel remote control and batteries
- 2-channel receiver
- steering servo
- Paint for polycarbonate bodies
- 1:10 buggy wheels
- 1:10 buggy tyres


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