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The WR-02CB chassis is the latest version of the already legendary Tamiya WR-02 chassis. The small but very effective changes make it the best WR-02 ever. This is especially due to the wider front and rear wishbones and the new tyres in bubble design, which are based on the old original buggies of the 1980s. The suspension qualities are thus considerably improved. Nevertheless, the typical funny manoeuvres of these fun models, like wheelies, etc. are still possible with the WR-02CB.

- Tyre diameter 46/95mm (front), 56/98mm (rear)
- Monocoque frame chassis
- Bevel gear Diffenrential
- Double wishbone suspension
- CVA front and rear oil pressure shock absorbers
- Gear ratio = 18.3:1

Technical details:
- Kit model in scale 1/10
- new polycarbonate body in the style of the
legendary TAMIYA Frog Design
- 2-piece rims in neon pink and white
- Hollow-chamber tyres with groove design in front and rounded blocks at rear
- WR-02B chassis in a special version for this model for on- and off-road use
- Monocoque chassis frame with internal battery,
Double wishbone suspension
- Reproduced lamp housing - can be retrofitted with LED´s
- incl. driver figure (known from model 300057407 Dual Rider)
- CVA Mini Dampers
- electronic brushless/brushed speed controller

Technical data

Engine Type : Electric
Drivetrain : 2WD
Scale : 1:10
Chassis : WR-02CB
Length : 356 mm
Width : 244 mm
Rec. Engine : included
Version KIT
Brand of car
Drive / Build : 22.jpg

Box Contents

- construction kit
- 540 engine
- Tamiya TBLE-02S Speed Controller

The firm Tamiya is specialized in high quality RC-vehicles (cars, trucks and buggies) and one of the leading manufacturer in this genre. This japanese company is based in Shizuoka and produces detailed reproductions of coveted vehicles since 1976. "Tamiya Fighter-Cup" is the name of the annual racing series. Since 1990 the final of Germany takes place in Sonneberg.


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