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With its 4X4 traction, you can drive the INFRACTION 6S BLX on all roads, in all conditions: on loose gravel, asphalt, flat sand tracks and short grass, in the sun, rain and ice.

The INFRACTION 6S BLX comes in a classic pick-up look for tough road action. The body is factory fitted with a matt bronze camouflage scheme and stickers. With the included, freely adjustable rear wing you can adjust the downforce according to your preferences. To further optimize aerodynamics, the chassis also features a continuous front splitter for balanced downforce distribution. A rear diffuser increases downforce and grip, so you'll get around every corner faster and more controlled.

DESIGNED FAST - DESIGNED TOUGH: A 3-millimetre anodised aluminium chassis with a centre brace under the body to maximise strength. The robust 4x4 drivetrain features durable steel drive shafts as well as all-metal differential drives and transmission elements. The middle diff module can be removed with just five screws, making maintenance as fast as the INFRACTION 6S BLX itself. A retractable motor bracket allows quick and easy access to the motor. A double XL battery holder is included.

Oil-filled big bore shock absorbers on the black anodized front and rear shock absorber bridges ensure that the dBoots® Hoons All-Road tyres adhere to the ground for maximum traction. The tyres are mounted on 5-spoke wheels with extra durable hubs.

ARRMA has equipped the INFRACTION 6S BLX with a brushless 2050 kV motor, a waterproof regulator and a metal gear servo to make it ready for immediate use. The Spectrum ™ DX2E Active ™ remote control system features AVC® Active Vehicle Control™, which lets you adjust the stability you need to cut corners and jump without slowing down. Only two 2S or 3S LiPo batteries with IC5™ or EC5™ connections, a LiPo compatible charger, a LiPo bag for charging and 4 AA batteries for the transmitter are required.


-The first Street Basher truck in Restomod design, with versatility for road or off-road use
-Enables speeds in excess of 129 km/h with 6S Power and included high-speed sprocket
-4x4 traction for driving on asphalt, gravel, flat sandy tracks or short grass
-The classic pickup body comes printed, cut to size and with stickers.
-With the adjustable rear wing, you can adjust the downforce according to your wishes.
-The continuous front splitter ensures a balanced output distribution
-The rear diffuser generates additional downforce
-3 mm base plate, 6061 T6 anodised aluminium chassis
-centre strut for maximum durability
-Adjustable front and rear body mounts
-Easily accessible motor bracket for quick disassembly of the motor
-Double XL battery holder
-Waterproof receiver box
-High performance servo saver

-4X4 high-performance drive
-Long steel drive shafts
-Center diff for better handling on loose or slippery surfaces
-All-metal differential drives and gear elements
-Easily accessible diff module with 5-screw centre diff disassembly
-Independent wheel suspension
-Adjustable Big-Bore Aluminium Oil Shock Absorbers
-Front and rear shock absorber bridge made of black anodised aluminium
-5-spoke wheels and dBoots® Hoons All-Road tyres
-Extremely durable wheel hubs for more stability
-Hub nut with O-ring
-Spektrum™ DX2E Active™-remote control
-Spectrum DSMR™ SRS6000 Receiver with Active Vehicle Control™ (AVC®)
-ADS-15M Waterproof* Metal Gear Servo
-BLX4074 2050Kv Brushless Motor
-BLX185 waterproof* ESC

Technical data

Engine Type : Brushless electric
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:7
Chassis : 4x4
Length : 695 mm
Width : 310 mm
Rec. Engine : included
Brand of car
Drive / Build : 21.jpg

Box Contents

- INFRACTION™ 1/7 BLX Street Bash 4WD Resto-Mod RTR Truck
- instruction manual

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