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A "quality drift" of a special kind requires precise driving in order to consistently maintain the boundary between control and chaos.

With the Thunder Drift you get support from the combination of a powerful brush motor and special RC drift tyres, with which you glide effortlessly through the curve. The powerful belt drive system also makes a decisive contribution and provides the cool advantage over the typical drifter.

Say goodbye now to ordinary cardan shafts and be inspired by the innovative belt drive of the Thunder Drift. Extremely smooth in acceleration and direct in response - the Thunder Drift is ready to drift its competitors dizzy.

The ready-to-use 4WD Thunder Drift stays under your control with the included 2.4GHz remote control.

With Thunder Drift's Forward/Reverse ESC function, you can easily pull out of trouble to continue drifting.

Blue anodized aluminum threaded oil pressure shock absorbers allow quick height adjustment and easy weight distribution on a single wheel for precise tuning. Shock absorption can also be determined by adding different oil viscosities or by replacing the pistons.

With the four-wheel independent suspension, you can achieve the desired drift setup via the individual toe and camber adjustment.

So turn your drift into a "message" and get your own "thunder drift" today!

-1:10 Drift Chassis
4 WD All-wheel drive
-Belt drive for smooth power transmission
-Independent wheel suspension
-Lightweight Chassis
-Adjustable Aluminum Thread Oil Pressure Shock Absorbers
-ball bearing
-tunable suspension
-Adjustable chassis height
-Several mounting positions for the shock absorbers
-Adjustable lintel
-Adjustable track
-Adjustable belt tension
- "Hard Drift" wheels
-Highly detailed body with plastic side mirrors, plastic windscreen wipers and plastic rear wings
-Low centre of gravity undercarriage for high speed drift performance
-22T RC540 Brushed Electric Motor
-Waterproof 40A ESC / speed controller
-Rapid response steering servo
-2.4GHz Remote control system
-Fully assembled & Ready to Run

-Note: Your Thunder Drift comes with T-Plug battery connector system.

-Motor Type: 22T RC 540 Brushed Motor
-Transmission: Forward & Backward
-Type of drive: 4WD
-length: 360mm
-width: 200mm
-Height: 112mm
-Wheelbase: 260mm
-ground clearance: 4,5mm
-Chassis Type: Plastic
-Shock Absorbers: Aluminum Thread Oil Pressure Shock Absorber
-speed controller: 40A Brushed Waterproof ESC
-Remote control system: 2.4GHZ 2 channel
-Battery connector system : T-Plug (Deans)

-1 pc Thunder Drift Car ready-to-run
-2.4GHz remote control with receiver
-instruction manual

Technical data

Engine Type Elektro
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:10
Chassis :
Use :
Length :
Width :
Rec. Engine :
Brand of car
Drive / Build : 22.jpg


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