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With the Trike T3-01 TAMIYA presents a completely new concept! The 1:8 scale trike is fully movable and is controlled by the curves. The front and rear unit is controlled by a servo for the steering movements. The model is based on the many courier vehicles for pizza services and the like.

Required accessories: 2-channel remote control with steering servo, battery pack, polycarbonate paint for the body, charger for drive battery, transmitter batteries.

Technical details
- Kit model in scale 1:8
- New 3-wheel chassis with rear engine and front battery
- Front and rear parts are interconnected and movable for steering movements
- Lateral stabilization arms
- Newly designed body
- Compatible with a 2.4GHz system and battery pack

WARNING: This manual should be fully read and understood with an adult. Keep away from small children. Children should not put any parts or packaging material in their mouth. The model may have some sharp corners. Be careful when handling. Read the instructions supplied with the RC unit and keep them for future reference.

Technical data

Engine Type : Electric
Drivetrain : 2WD
Scale : 1:8
Chassis : T3-01
Length :
Width :
Rec. Engine : included
Version KIT
Brand of car Tamiya
Drive / Build : 12.jpg

Box Contents

- Kit model with detailed illustrated assembly instructions
- 380 electric motor
- polycarbonate body

The firm Tamiya is specialized in high quality RC-vehicles (cars, trucks and buggies) and one of the leading manufacturer in this genre. This japanese company is based in Shizuoka and produces detailed reproductions of coveted vehicles since 1976. "Tamiya Fighter-Cup" is the name of the annual racing series. Since 1990 the final of Germany takes place in Sonneberg.


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