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In 2009 Ferrari released the 599XX, an extreme racing car that incorporates a variety of innovative technologies from Ferrari's long racing experience. The 599XX features exceptional performance and sophisticated electronics to deliver the best lap times on any racetrack. A lot of carbon material was used, a 5.9 litre V12 DOHC engine with 700 hp at 9000 rpm and a 6-speed manual transmission.

This exceptional car is available from TAMIYA as a 1:10 scale RC model on the TA06 chassis. The innovative TAMIYA TA06 chassis does its job under the robust polycarbonate body, whose 'C-pillar' wings have been faithfully reproduced. It has longitudinal and parallel IFS (Inboard Front Suspension) shock absorbers at the front and can therefore carry extremely flat bodies. The engine is centrally mounted in front of the rear axle to improve traction. Many standard and tuning parts of the TA-02/TA-05 Vers. 2 are compatible. The TAMIYA Ferrari 599XX is a high-quality RC racing car with many technical solutions from the competition scene.

  • completely ball bearing mounted
  • two belt drive (174 mm, 453 mm)
  • oil pressure shock absorbers
  • Crash/track adjustable
  • front mounted dampers (IFS)
  • Cone differential v/h
  • Alu motor plate
  • Independent suspension
  • double wishbones
  • the battery holder is suitable for NiCd-, NiMh-, LiFe and LiPo batteries

Technical data

Engine Type : Electric
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:10
Chassis : TA-06
Length : 448 mm
Width : 191 mm
Rec. Engine : 540er
Version KIT
Brand of car Ferrari
Drive / Build : 22.jpg

Box Contents

  • Bausatz Ferrari 599XXR
  • Polykarbonatkarosserie
  • ausführliche Beschreibung

The firm Tamiya is specialized in high quality RC-vehicles (cars, trucks and buggies) and one of the leading manufacturer in this genre. This japanese company is based in Shizuoka and produces detailed reproductions of coveted vehicles since 1976. "Tamiya Fighter-Cup" is the name of the annual racing series. Since 1990 the final of Germany takes place in Sonneberg.


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