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After 23 years of abstinence McLaren Honda returns to Formula 1! This rumor spread quickly that the great team that dominated the World Cup from 1988 to 1992 would return. Drivers Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost had outstanding successes, which should come to life again when they returned to the race circuit. However, Formula 1 has changed completely from today to the last days, but one thing is always the same for everyone who wants to win the title has to fight hard. The MP4-30 is the one who entered the bitter battle and continued to achieve success.

Required colors:
- 300085040 TS-40 Metallic Black (Spray)
- 300081001 X-1 Black glossy (coating colour)
- 300081011 X-11 Chrome-silver glossy (coating colour)
- 300081018 X-18 Black silk matt (coating)
- 300081031 X-31 Titanium gold glossy (coating)
- 300081301 XF-1 Black matt (coating colour)
- 300081302 XF-2 White matt (coating colour)
- 300081310 XF-10 Brown matt (coating colour)
- 300081316 XF-16 Aluminium matt (coating colour)
- 300081356 XF-56 Metallic grey matt (coating colour)
- 300081364 XF-64 Red brown matt (coating colour)

Matching accessories:
- 300087003 Plastic glue 40ml Tamiya Cement (viscous)
- 300087038 Plastic glue 40ml extra thin Tamiya Cement Extra Thin
- 300087182 Plastic glue 40ml Quick Extra thin liquid Tamiya Cement Extra Thin Quick
- 300087177 Masking Tape 2mm for curves
- 300087031 Masking Tape 10mm with dispenser

Technical details:
- Scale 1:20
- Faithful replica of the McLaren Honda MP4-30 2015 Japan GP
- True to original tyre printing with "PIRELLI - P Zero" (white)
- Plastic parts in black
- Decor with star numbers 22 (J.B) and 14 (F.A.) included
- mirror inserts
- Detailed assembly instructions

Technical data

Scale 1:20
Brand of car McLaren


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