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Hydraulic forklift truck in scale 1:14.

The forklift is made of stainless steel, brass and aluminium. The kit contains all necessary components for assembly and operation, except remote control, battery, light and sound. The model can be operated with a 2S or 3S battery.

The pictures show a sample paint job. The truck is not painted when delivered.

The stacker is unsurpassed in its detailing. A masterpiece and innovation in RC forklift trucks. The components are manufactured with enormous precision. manufactures all parts itself in in-house production and places incredible emphasis on quality and attention to detail. The development engineers have done an amazing job here. Every tooth of the bucket, every chain link, even the door hinges are assembled and manufactured true to the original.

Dimensions: 325 x 108 x 201mm
Fork lifting height from floor level: 220 mm

Hydraulic pump: Lesu high-performance pump with overflow valve, flow 180ml/min, pressure adjustable
Required hydraulic oil: e.g. HLP 22 or comparable

Attention: this is a kit. The pictures show partly assembled and painted models. Not suitable for beginners!

For operation are required:
Remote control with transmitter and receiver (at least 5 channels) Drive battery, recommended 2S/3S according to dimensions Battery compartment

Technical data

Motorart: Elektro
Maßstab: 1:14
Länge: 325 mm
Breite: 108 mm
empf.Motor: beinhaltet
Ausführung: KIT - BAUSATZ
Automarke Linde
Drive / Bau: 32.jpg


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