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This kit is a special version of the popular 56335 Mercedes Benz Actross in a black special paint finish. In this kit, the body, F, K, M and H-parts are prepainted.

Technical details:
Kit in the scale of 1/14
Body, body, F, K, M and H parts prepainted in metallic black.
true-to-life rear-wheel drive
Polystyrene cab
Cab tiltable (to the front)
aerodynamic package
authentic interior fittings
Aluminium ladder frames with plastic reinforcements
Rear axle with metal bevel wheels
Metal bevel gear differential
3-speed manual transmission
Semitrailer plate (suitable for all Tamiya and Carson trailers)
Leaf spring assemblies with shock absorbers on front and rear axle
aluminium front axle
Aluminium drive shafts
Electric motor Type 540
position lamps (side, roof) illuminative
Wide tyres front
chrome-plated fanfares
dead mirrors
windscreen wipers

Technical data

Motorart: Elektro
Maßstab: 2WD
Maßstab: 1:14
empf.Motor: ONROAD
Ausführung: KIT - BAUSATZ
Drive / Bau: 12.jpg

Box Contents

Kit with prepainted body, 540 engine, 3-speed manual gearbox

The firm Tamiya is specialized in high quality RC-vehicles (cars, trucks and buggies) and one of the leading manufacturer in this genre. This japanese company is based in Shizuoka and produces detailed reproductions of coveted vehicles since 1976. "Tamiya Fighter-Cup" is the name of the annual racing series. Since 1990 the final of Germany takes place in Sonneberg.


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