BEASTX Nanobeast

Product number: 9780856
Manufacturer number: BXM76900
EAN-Code: 4260211769004


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Description "BEASTX Nanobeast"
The NANOBEAST is a control unit for small and smallest RC model helicopters without auxiliary rotor plane. The integrated gyro elements stabilize the helicopter as far as possible, so that it only follows the control commands of the pilot. The control feel can be adjusted from tame to extremely agile. Thus, the model meets almost all demands of pilots, no matter if beginner or 3D professional. The system can be upgraded to the "ProEdition" by means of a firmware upgrade for which a fee is charged.

This offers additional functions such as AttitudeControl for attitude stabilization and rescue of the model in an unsafe flight attitude, as well as bank switching, which allows switching between different parameter sets in flight.
For basic setup and tuning of the system a computer (Windows/mac), smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android) with Bluetooth LE is required. Depending on the technology used, a USB2SYS (for computer) or BLE2SYS (for smartphone/tablet) interface is required.
This is not included and must be purchased separately! The configuration is then done via the StudioX software, which is offered free for download.

Supported receiver types/transmission protocols.
- SRXL: JR® XBus (Mode B), Multiplex® SRXL (V1+V2), Jeti® UDI, Graupner/SJ® HOTT SUMD, Spektrum® SRXL
- Futaba® SBUS
- Single satellite (Spektrum® DSM2/DSMX, JR® RJ-01 DMSS)
- Jeti® EXBUS
- ALIGN/FlySky iBus
- PPM sum signal (SPPM)

Technical Data.
- Receiver Connections: Spektrum®/JR® single satellite, sum signal connector for Graupner® HOTT, Futaba® SBus, Jeti® exBus, FlySky® iBus, FrSky® SRXL, Multiplex® SRXL, JR® XBus (B), Spektrum® SRXL, Align® iBus, SPPM sum signal.
- Input voltage: 4.8V to 6.0V
- Recommended helicopter size: 180 - 250 electric helicopter
- Dimensions: 32x20x10mm
- Weight: 5,8g

Box contents
- 1x NANOBEAST control unit
- 1x patch cable for sum signal receiver
- 2x adhesive pad
- 1x manual
- 1x decal sheet