MULTIPLEX Sicherheitsschalter magnetic

Product number: 9781549
Manufacturer number: 1-01784
EAN-Code: 4059818017843


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Description "MULTIPLEX Sicherheitsschalter magnetic"
Our new safety switch "magnetic" allows you to install the switch invisibly. The switch is attached to the fuselage wall from the inside. From the outside you activate or deactivate it with a swipe movement in the respective direction.

This movement is carried out with the enclosed felt-covered cone magnet. The sweeping movement activates two magnetic sensors with the cone magnet, which guarantees a safe and reliable switching process. It also has a safety mechanism that ensures that if the switch or cable is damaged, the device will always remain in the on state. Another feature is that when the switch is unplugged, the device is always on, when plugged back in, the switch goes to the last switching state. This also guarantees safe operation should a loose contact occur. Thus we guarantee the highest possible failure safety and a safe feeling when flying.

The safety switch "magnetic" is compatible with the following Multiplex products: Rx-16 DR Master, Wingstabi 12 and 16 channel. Due to the installation invisible from the outside, the switch is particularly suitable for scale and semiscale models, as well as for all those who value a particularly clean look.

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