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ORACOVER® FUN 4 shows a square pattern in the size of 12.5 mm. For a lively and distinctive design.

ORACOVER® FUN is a remarkable development: A two-colour covering film in which the decor lies indestructibly under the carrier polyester and is thus also resistant to the sharpest solvents and cleaning agents, as well as fuel of all kinds. Otherwise, ORACOVER® FUN is identical in all its properties to ORACOVER®.
The film is characterised by its unique processing properties: it can be ironed on and off, you always have a second chance in the event of processing errors, fuel resistance, temperature resistance up to 250°C, repaintability and particularly high adhesive strength.
Applied in accordance with the processing instructions, ORACOVER® does not cause blisters or wrinkles.

Technical data

Color Fun
1 linear meter
2 linear meter
3 linear meter
10 linear meter
Quantity 2 m

Box Contents

  • Length: 2 m
  • Width: 60 cm


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