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EP casting resin + hardener "water clear PLUS" (240 min), working package

Two-component, clear, colorless epoxy resin system
-Exceptionally good UV resistance
-High transparency
-Polishable, hard surfaces
-Very good impact strength
Lowest shrinkage with low-stress castings
Completely tack-free curing even in thin layers

Epoxy casting resin "water clear PLUS" was specially developed for casting resin applications such as "River Tables". The system can be used for very thick layers. Larger volumes, such as the usual layer thicknesses of 50 mm and more in the manufacture of table tops, are possible in one casting.

Epoxy casting resin "water clear PLUS" has a very low exothermic (very low heat development) with good curing at room temperature and does not have to be post-treated with heat. The casting system can be demoulded after approx. 24 hours and has a glass transition temperature (heat resistance) of 56 °C.

The shrinkage during hardening is very low and the castings are therefore largely stress-free and dimensionally stable. The resistance to yellowing (UV resistance) is exceptionally high.

Pot life: approx. 240 minutes

Mixing ratio:
100 : 38 parts by weight resin to hardener

Curing time: approx. 24 hours
Temperature during curing: min. 16 °C


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