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The 1/10th scale Axial® SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler 4WD marks the next step forward in off-road action.
While retaining the key components that have made SCX10™ vehicles so successful, the SCX10™ III enhances the realism of the chassis with details that include a replica V8 engine to accommodate the front-mounted 540 engine. It is attached to a realistic transmission housing and transfer case, like a 1:1 vehicle.

The kit's versatile transmission can be built in several ways. If you use a 3-channel radio like the Spektrum™ DX3™ you can equip it with a third channel DIG function that allows you to lock the rear axle from the transmitter for front-wheel drive and a tighter turning radius.

Another 3-channel option is to set up the car with a two-speed gearbox to choose between high and low speeds. To access the two-speed gearbox and DIG function simultaneously, simply add another servo and use a radio with at least four channels (such as the 5-channel radio Spektrum™ DX5).

The SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler kit uses portal axles to improve performance by increasing ground clearance and reducing torque twisting. Its standard battery compartment accommodates full-size standard LiPo or NiMH packs. There is also space on the side rails for drivers who prefer "small" batteries. Interior fenders and floor sides hide internal components that would normally be visible from the side of the chassis.

To complete the chassis, the kit comes with a clear four-door Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited body that can be finished to your liking. True-to-scale details include a roll cage, front bonnet air vents and trim, windshield wipers, mirrors, door handles and more, as well as detailed interior trim. New larger and wider, officially licensed Nitto Trail Grappler tyres on three-piece licensed KMC Machete Beadlock wheels provide more scale and grip on dirt, rocks and all other off-road terrain.

- Reproduction of V8 engine, transmission housing and transfer case cover and protection of the engine while improving the appearance
- Housing tray accepts full-size standard LiPo or NiMH batteries, with space on the side rails for small pack sizes
- With the transmission device of the DIG function you can lock the rear axle for front-wheel drive and a tighter turning radius from the transmitter.
- Two-speed transmission setup option also available for high and low speeds
- Portal axles increase ground clearance and reduce torque twisting
- The chassis with adjustable wheelbase allows each driver to choose the size of his chassis
- Interior fenders and floor sides hide internal components that are normally visible from the side of the chassis
- Licensed 3-piece beadlock wheels from KMC Machete provide a scaled look and allow you to remove and replace tires without the need for adhesives.
- Officially licensed Nitto Trail Grappler tyres in a new higher and wider size increase ground clearance and grip
- Fully rebuildable, oil-filled shock absorbers include hard anodized shock absorber bodies with threads, coil springs and an emulsion style cap with screw for easier rebuilds.
- Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited body with detailed interior

Technical data

Motorart: Elektro
Antrieb: 4WD
Maßstab: 1:10
Chassis: -
Verwendung: OFFROAD
Länge: 485 mm
Breite: 234 mm
empf.Motor: Crawler
Ausführung: KIT - BAUSATZ
Automarke JEEP
Drive / Bau: 13.jpg

Box Contents

- (1) Axial® SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler Kit
- Bodywork (unpainted)
- (1) Instruction

- 4-channel remote control
- 4-channel receiver
- Steering Servo
- ESC (electronic speed controller)
- Electric motor
- Micro Servo for DIG Feature
- Micro servo for 2-speed feature
- Rechargeable Battery (Holds standard and shorty battery packs)
- Battery charger
- AA batteries for remote control
- Colour (for polycarbonate plastic)

Innovative RC Off Road Cars. The measure of all things in the tough hiking. The californian RC-car forge "Acial R/C, Inc." looks back on a long tradition in the development of realistic looking, innovative and remote-controlled OFF Road-models. Beginning with the in 2005 appeared AX10-Chassis, which still presents the reference for all developer all over the world, they particulary develop Crawlers, Scale and Monster Trucks, which survive the thoughest hiking.


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