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For the sports, scale and glider giant pilot, the new Hangar 9® Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc is the largest Cub we've ever built and one of the largest on the market, featuring outstanding scale detail with the incredible flight performance that Hangar 9 customers have come to expect.
With a wingspan of 165 inches, this massive model is the embodiment of a gigantic scale, yet practical enough to fly every day. The two-part wings with foldable wing struts and removable supports make it easy to transport and assemble. It comes with several scale details, including a full-scale, sprung landing gear that uses a massive, machined damper with heavy-duty springs just like the full-scale plane, a cockpit panel, a tow release, a super-scale spur wheel assembly and much more, which means that this Carbon Cub will turn heads wherever you fly it. Just like the full-size Cub, shock-absorbing 8.5-inch tires with aluminum hubs absorb most of the bounce in difficult terrain. The two-piece fiberglass fairing provides easy access to the engine and fuel system, while the high-density 3S Lipo-compatible LED landing lights and navigation lights shine brightly for added realism. The complete hardware kit, which is designed for petrol engines from 100 to 200 cc, is included and allows quick and easy installation of the drive system. The optional functional tow release makes this Cub the perfect companion for your glider requirements. The Hangar 9 Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc is a unique model that offers an authentic flying experience.

- Expertly constructed with lightweight, laser-cut balsa and plywood
- Large 8.5-inch tyres with aluminium hubs ensure a smooth landing even in difficult terrain
- Two-piece fibreglass fairing allows easy access to the engine and fuel system
- Operational valves for STOL capabilities
- Functional, high density 3S Lipo compatible LED lights for landing and navigation
- Designed for petrol engines from 100 to 200 cc
- Functional tailplane wires
- Removable stabilizer with only 6 screws
- Functional side double doors with functional scale locking mechanism and alloy handle
- Cockpit details include seats and a full-scale instrument panel
- Sprung chassis with metal shock absorbers and scale suspension system
- Upstream, true-to-scale aileron and flap hinges help you save construction time
- Two-piece plug-in wings for easier transport and assembly on site
- Foldable, wing-shaped wing struts with matching paint
- Optional towing pawl
- Heavy duty and super scale rear wheel assembly with integrated tail wheel
- Built-in exhaust tunnel supports a variety of canister and pipe options
- Complete hardware kit with motor and motor mounting parts
- Coated with genuine Hangar 9 UltraCote® film

Technical data

Wing-span (mm): 4220
Flight weight approx (g):
Empty weight approx. (g):
Control: H,S,Q,M
Manufacturer: Hangar9
Fuselage: Wood
Wings: Wood/ribbed construction
Rec. Battery:
Length (mm):
recommend Motor: 100-200ccm
Flight Skill: Advanced
Building Skill : Professional
Drive type: Glow

Box Contents

- CubCrafters Carbon Cub FX-3 100-200cc ARF
- Instructions

Hangar 9 offers excellent flight models for ambitious pilots! The spectrum reaches from the classical sailplane throw scale warbirds and acrobatic model. They set great value upon high quality materials and details. Worldwide, top pilots swear by the magnificent models of Hangar 9. Convince yourself!


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