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Tyvek® protective clothing from DuPont offers reliable protection against hazardous substances.

Tyvek® is a paper fleece-like textile made of welded high-pressure polyethylene (HDPE) fibres. It is used as a material for protective clothing in the processing of fibre composites, in clean-room technology, in the operating theatre and in forensics.

Tyvek® is a trademark of the company DuPont.

High protective performance
Tyvek® provides a barrier against many inorganic chemicals in low concentrations and particles larger than 1µm. It does not form fluff. The smooth surface repels liquids and offers no adhesion to fibres or dust.

Tyvek® is resistant to abrasion and tearing and thus withstands mechanical stress. It is flame retardant (+125°C) and water repellent.

Tyvek® is permeable to air and water vapour and therefore "breathable". They are very comfortable to wear, light and flexible.

Chemical protective clothing - Category III, Type 5/6
Type 5: Protection against solid particles
Type 6: Limited protection against liquid mist

The overall has a hood and is equipped with a zipper, an elastic band at the back and a back pocket.


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