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Overcome the hurdles of helicopter flying with the Blade ® 120 S2. With its proven ruggedness, improved flight characteristics and built-in telemetry, the Blade® 120S is the perfect model to climb from a coaxial heli or drone to a real heli. As one of the best fixed pitch helicopters on the market, it is the first choice for beginners and offers even professional pilots a lot of fun due to its high robustness and built-in telemetry. The simple flybarless fixed pitch mechanics offer you additional speed and agility.

We have packed it all into a design that scores with a high level of efficiency and robustness. The exclusive SAFE® technology helps you to keep the model under control with increased stability and confidence to develop your skills. Should things get out of control, just press the panic button and SAFE technology will keep the 120 S2 hovering at a safe height. Whether you are looking to perfect your flying skills or simply a fun way to fly, the Blade 120S will help you perfect your helicopter flying.

- Completely assembled, no assembly work necessary
- SAFE® technology enables a simple and relaxed heli experience
- The Panic Recovery Mode can prevent crashes
- Integrated voltage telemetry for your compatible spectrum transmitter
- Robust flybarless rotor head
- Rugged construction
- High-speed coreless motors on main and tail rotor (pre-installed)
- Sub-micro linear servos with large deflection (pre-installed)
- E-flite® 500mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo flight battery and charger (enclosed)

Technical data

Main rotor-Ø: 330
Tail rotor-Ø:
Length (mm): 330
Height (mm): 108
Weight (g): 106
Rec. Engine: included
Rec. Battery: 1S 3.7V 500mAh LiPo
Version: BNF - BIND N FLY
Class: 120
Building Skill: Beginners

Box Contents

- (1) Completely assembled 120 S2 helicopter
- (1) USB LiPo charger
- (1) E-flite 500mAh 1S 3.7V LiPo flight battery
- (1) Tools and extras
- (1) Operating instructions


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