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The OUTCAST™ 8S BLX 4WD has a strong ARRMA® design and is inflated with brute 8S power to deliver torque, acceleration and speed for 1/5th of a second of the action!

This Ready-To-Run Truck comes out of the box fully assembled and ready to fight and can't wait to show gravity who's boss. Designed for life at the limit, it's all the way from the heavy-duty bumper in the front to the wheelie bar in the back! Endless high wheelies, exaggerated donuts, backflips from a standing position or in the air, gigantic jumps and much, much more and all this on every terrain and under all conditions.

One more battery of your choice and a suitable charger and you are the next stunt king. The OUTCAST™ 8S BLX 4WD is factory-fitted with a Spektrum™ DX3™ Smart remote and SRS6110AT AVC® (Active Vehicle Control®) receiver, giving you ALL the Smart Telemetry benefits of the Spektrum® Smart Firma™ brushless motor and controller. With the free Spektrum™ Dashboard app on your phone or tablet, you can see in real time how your bashing monster is performing in terms of RPM, temperature, receiver and vehicle battery voltage. Refine your stunts by activating the AVC® system and scratch every corner even sharper by adding extra stability and just let the throttle down!

Bigger than big and designed for brutal power and toughness - THAT's the ARRMA® 1/5 OUTCAST™ 8S BLX 4WD Stunt Truck - and you'll pull away from any obstacle thanks to the metal-reinforced design. Metal shafts, linkages and semi-axles, along with the metal gearbox, give the drivetrain and suspension almost indestructible strength. The built-in Spektrum™ S905 digital servo also shines with the robustness of its metal gearbox.

The extra-strong laser-engraved chassis plate made of anodised aluminium has been provided with a multi-structured central support system, a rear support and strong plastic side pans for rough taker qualities - for the hardest stunts without mercy. Extra thick moulded plastic shock towers at the front and rear carry the adjustable oil-pressure shock absorbers with 20mm bore to easily absorb shocks and bumps.

ARRMA® reduces maintenance time to a minimum with its efficient design - for more bashing and less screwing. The guided aluminium engine mount is held in place with just three screws for easy access. The other modules of the vehicle as well as the waterproof electronics are also designed for quick and easy access, removal and maintenance.

The ultra-strong OUTCAST™ 1/5 8S truck body is already cut, painted and glued ex works. The central tower on the chassis connects to the roll bar to give the body additional stability. The sturdy stunt truck wheels are fitted with 24mm hex inserts and dBoots® BACKFLIP tyres give you the worst grip you need for your flips, wheelies and spins. The high downforce spoiler keeps the OUTCAST™ 8S BLX 4WD on the ground, but when you need it the Wheelie Bar is always ready for 90 degree wheelies!

- General features
- ARRMA®-strong design
- ARRMA® Modular Platform with many options for personalization
- Adjustable battery holders with velcro fasteners
- Chassis support options, also between shock towers
- Steering with reversed bellcranks
- Heavy Duty Servo Saver with double suspension
- Completely equipped with Allen screws
- The versatile chassis allows the use of motors up to 56110 size and 1/6 or 1/5 servos
- Services
- Spektrum™ DX3™ 2.4GHz remote control with SRS6110AT AVC® receiver
- Spektrum™ Firma™ 160A Smart controller
- Spektrum™ Firma™ 1250Kv Brushless motor
- Spektrum™ S905 Digital Servo with metal gearbox
- Four wheel drive with shaft drive
- 8S Power (two 4S batteries, not included)
- Anti-Roll Bracket (optional, not included)
- Adjustable camber
- Adjustable front track
- Various track rod mounting options Rear
- Adjustable ground clearance
- Adjustable spring travel
- Oil with 20 million cSt in the central differential
- CVD drive shafts
- All-terrain dBoots® BACKFLIP tyres
- Solid and adjustable oil shock absorbers with 20mm bore
- Wheelie-bar with rubber tyres for maximum stunts
- Rear spoiler with high contact pressure and special screws to protect the spoiler in supine position.
- Robust
- Extra strong, laser engraved anodised aluminium chassis
- Multi-structured central support system
- Chassis Rear support
- Strong plastic side parts
- Slide plates under the chassis
- steering knuckles with cast-in metal reinforcements
- Metal covers on the wishbones prevent the ball joint from jumping out
- Extra thick plastic shock absorber bridges
- Heavy Duty Drive Train
- Robust metal drive shafts
- Metal differential outputs and transmissions
- Spiral bevel pinions and spur gears
- Metal differential gear
- Metal spur and idler wheel
- Guided aluminium engine mount
- Double sprung Heavy Duty Servo Saver
- Waterproof* receiver box
- Secured hinge pins
- Aluminium Hanger Inserts
- Central protection structure that combines with the roll bar for added strength
- Protective pads on the body for body clips
- One-piece spoiler mounting
- Heavy Duty Bumper front
- 24mm Hex inserts in the rims
- Easy maintenance
- Easily accessible front and rear differentials (5 screws)
- Easy to remove drive module (5 screws)
- Guided motor mount for easy removal (3 screws)
- Easy to dismantle chassis supports (1 clip with safety catch)
- Easy to extend front, middle and rear module
- Easy accessible waterproof* electronic module

Technical data

Engine Type : Brushless electric
Drivetrain : 4WD
Scale : 1:5
Chassis :
Length (mm) : 714
Width (mm) : 596
Rec. Engine : included
Version : RTR - READY TO RUN
Brand of car :
Driving experience : Advanced
Building Skill : Beginners

Box Contents

- (1) OUTCAST™ 1/5 8S BLX 4WD Stunt Truck RTR
- (1) Spektrum™ Firma™ 160A Smart controller
- (1) Spektrum™ Firma™ 1250Kv Brushless motor
- (1) Spektrum™ S905 digital metal gear servo [40kg-cm @ 7.4V]
- (1) Spektrum™ DX3™ 2.4GHz remote control with SRS6110AT AVC® receiver
- (1) Operating instructions

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