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The combination of 7-channel DXS remote control and AR410 4-channel receiver offers every RC pilot an ideal system and the perfect balance of economy and innovative high-end features. It gives you full range, safe and trouble-free DSMX® control, advanced telemetry capability and proven ergonomics for fatigue-free flying. The simplified setup of the DXS also helps you to get up in the air more quickly because preparation and programming work can now be done more quickly and efficiently.

- The Spektrum™ DXS set includes the remote control and an AR410 4-channel DSMX®/DSM2® Air receiver with full range
- Supports Spektrum™ Smart Technology for Smart Regulators and Smart LiPo Battery Telemetry
- LEDs on the remote control show the charge status of the flight battery at a glance - an industry first!
- Proven ergonomic design, optimized for comfort and fatigue-free, precise control
- Provides a wireless teacher/student system with the optional SRXL2™ DSMX® Micro Receiver (sold separately)
- Registration and updates can be done via PC using the optional USB programming cable (sold separately).
- Remote control is pre-configured to use SAFE® technology with compatible SAFE receivers
- The DXS remote control and AR410 receiver are both fully compatible with other Spektrum™ DSMX® systems
- The DXS is also available separately as a remote control, in which case a compatible receiver is required

DSMX® Technology
The DXS remote control was developed based on the proven Spektrum™ DSMX® frequency agile 2.4GHz protocol, the most advanced spread spectrum technology to date. Adding the agility of the frequency shifts to the already excellent immunity to interference of a broadband signal, DSMX provides outstanding security against data loss or interference. By limiting frequency shifts to a narrower band in the 2.4GHz range, DSMX remote controls offer unparalleled on-channel interference resistance.

Ergonomic design
Weight distribution, switch placement and positioning of the trim switches have been optimized for comfortable and fatigue-free flying. An integrated handle as well as an eyelet for a carrying strap provide for carrying comfort. The battery compartment contains the connections for the instructor system and a connection to the PC for programming purposes. The SRXL2™ DSMX micro receiver (SPM9747) is required for wireless instructor operation. Registration and firmware updates can be done via PC. The software can be downloaded from the DXS product page on SpektrumRC.com and updated using the USB programming cable (sold separately).

AR410 4-channel sports receiver
The Spektrum™ AR410 is a four channel sport air receiver with full range, DSMX®/DSM2® compatibility and compact dimensions to fit almost any model. The internal antenna simplifies installation in the model, prevents damage and ensures superior performance. In addition, AR410 provides you with important in-flight data such as real-time receiver battery voltage and flight log data. Telemetry access is automatic when the receiver is connected to a telemetry-enabled remote control.

Voltage monitoring of the flight battery
Get essential information about the state of your flight battery with just one look at your DSX remote control when using a Smart Avian™ regulator and Smart LiPo battery packs (sold separately). Four green LEDs on the front of the DSX show you the charge status. During normal operation with a Smart Controller and Smart Battery, only one lit LED indicates that the battery level is low. Two lit LEDs indicate a half-full battery and three lit LEDs indicate that the battery is between half and full. When the battery is full, all four LEDs are lit.

Technical data

Kanal: 7/4/0/B
2,4 GHz: 9777867

Box Contents

- (1) Spektrum™ DXS 7-channel DSMX® remote control
- (1) Spektrum AR410 DSMX® 4-channel receiver with full range
- (1) Operating instructions

Spektrum is a brand from the American company Horizon Hobby. "Spektrum" is a RC Radio System revolutionizing the 2,4 GHZ RC industry. With Spektrum, Horizon Hobby was one of the first companies worldwide to offer the 2,4 GHZ technology and telemetry. Today, Spektrum is widely known as one of the best on the market in RC Radio Systems. Many Horizon Hobby models can be instantly connected with Spektrum remotes via BNF (Bind and Fly) such as Blade, E-flite, Hangar 9, hobbyzone, parkzone, or Vaterra products.


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