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The SKYRC S60 charger/discharger features an exquisite, elegant and above all very compact design. It can charge almost all common battery types on the market, including the new LiHV Lipos with a final voltage of 4.35V. In addition, the user can adjust the battery end voltage independently if desired. The S60 can also be connected and controlled to a PC and to make a firmware update. The S60 can also be used as a lithium battery meter or to measure internal resistance. To be on the safe side, the S60 has a series of automatic safety cut-outs such as over the charging current limit, capacitance limit, max. temperature or charging time.
All connections for charging are located at the front of the device, e.g. the balancer connection, the charging output and the connection for an optional temperature sensor (SK600040). The Micro USB port to connect it to a PC is also located there.
A built-in powerful fan ensures that the S60 charger is supplied with sufficient cool air and does not overheat.

Depending on the different battery types, there are also different charging types:
LiPo / LiFe / LiIon: Normal Charge / Balance Charge / Fast Charge / Discharge / Storage
NiCd / NiMH: Normal Charge / Auto Charge / Discharge / Cycle / Re-Peak
PB: Normal batch / Discharge

S60 charger/discharger features
  • Lithium Battery Balancer: The charger uses a built-in balancer which monitors and balances the individual cell voltage. It is therefore not necessary to connect an external balancer.
  • Program Data Store / Load: Data from a maximum of 10 batteries can be stored and recalled if necessary to compare them
  • Battery Meter: The total voltage, highest voltage, lowest voltage and voltage of each individual cell can be checked and measured.
  • Battery internal resistance meter: This can be used to measure the internal resistance of each individual cell or the complete pack.
  • Maximum safety: Automatic charging current limitation / capacity limit / temperature threshold* / processing time limit (*only with optional temperature meter)
  • Terminal Voltage Conrol (TVC): The user can manually set the final battery voltage, so that the maximum permissible final voltage can be set according to the rules, especially when racing.

Charge Master / PC Operation
This allows the user to monitor the charging process on the PC, such as battery pack voltage, cell voltage and other useful values, all in real time, of course. In addition, the charger can be controlled from the PC via the software and the firmware can be updated.

Technical data

Eingangsspannung: 100-240 V
ladbare Akkutypen: LiPo/LiFe/NiMH/NiCd/Pb
ladbare Zellenzahl 2-4 Lixx, 6-8 Nixx, 6-12V Pb
Max. Ladestrom: 6 A
Entladestrom: 0.1-2 A
Abschaltung: Delta Peak
Leistung/Watt: 60W

Box Contents

  • SKYRC S60 Charger
  • Mains plug
  • 18AWG charging cable with XT60 plug


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