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SkyWatcher FUN - the name says it all!

Have a Quadrocopter for fun! Up to 20 minutes flight time, automatic take-off and landing, altitude stabilization, WiFi-FPV image transmission, Follow-Me and gesture control of the camera are some of the outstanding functions of the new SkyWatcher FUN.

With the model you have very long flight fun thanks to the flight time of up to 20 minutes. Several speed levels are available depending on skill and use. The automatic take-off and landing system is activated at the touch of a button. An automatic altitude control makes flying "child's play"! The HD camera can be pivoted (manually) and transmits the live image to your smartphone (not included). You can attach your smartphone to the remote control in the supplied mobile phone holder. In addition, pictures/videos are stored on the SD card (not included). The APP is programmed for 3D and can be used for smart glasses, so you experience pure race feeling! The photo or video recordings can be activated by gesture control (showing a certain gesture with the fingers activates the recording automatically). A Follow-Me function completes the fun package (model follows a fixed image which is displayed via app).

Technical data:
- Flight time: up to 20 minutes
- Drive: 4x brushed
- Length: 300 mm
- width: 305 mm
- height: 100 mm
- diameter: 370 mm
- Weight (incl. battery): approx. 140 gram

Technical data

Länge: 300 mm
Höhe: 100 mm
Gewicht: 140 g
empf.Motor: beinhaltet
empf.Akku: beinhaltet
Ausführung: RTF / Ready to Fly
Flug / Bau: 11.jpg

Box Contents

- 3D - APP
- 20 minutes flight time
- Take-off/ landing function
- height stabilization
- pan camera
- image transmission
- WiFi FPV
- Follow Me
- gesture control

This very new company was incorporated in 2010 and was able to entrench itself in the model making branch within a very short period. They offer Ready-to-Fly models for Quadrocopter and winged-aircraft, as well as Ready-to-run models in the area of RC-cars. The necessary accessories and replacement parts also belong to the assortment of DF-models.


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