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Please be aware that this product can only be shipped to the following countries: Austria, Germany (except Wellpower-CHECK), Switzerland, Slovakia, France, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom, Croatia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Hungary!

Flight-ready and feature-packed, the Blade® Inductrix™ FPV HD micro drone offers a uniquely easy and exciting HD FPV experience. Now, anyone with or without hobby experience can enjoy indoor FPV flying and aerial photography!

The Inductrix™ FPV HD drone’s low-latency, high definition FPV camera uses an amplified WiFi signal to send beautifully immersive 720p live images straight to your Android or Apple smart device. Its included headset adapter has slots to hold your smart phone. Simply slide in your phone and it becomes your FPV goggles. Tailor the image you see to your preferences by adjusting the On Screen Display settings. On-board camera features include an SD memory card to record what your Inductrix™ FPV HD camera sees in brilliant, 1080p, 60fps video. Set the camera angle by adjusting its articulating mount — “up” for fast flying, “down” for when you’re ready to shoot exciting bird’s-eye scenes. The camera controls are tactile buttons conveniently located on the hand-held RC transmitter. That lets you take pictures and start or stop video recording without taking your eyes away from your FPV display screen. Wirelessly download HD footage straight to your cell phone, and share it proudly with the world on your social media pages.

The proven Inductrix™ drone platform makes flying as enjoyable for new pilots as it is for seasoned hobbyists. Four light, powerful brushed motors supply the oomph for snappy flights. The motors and propellers are mounted inside ducted fan style rotor housings, which help the durable frame bounce right back from ordinary impacts. But even during your very first flight, you’ll find it’s easy to keep control of your Inductrix™ FPV HD. That’s because innovative, sensor-assisted SAFE® technology gives it built-in stability. The drone can automatically maintain a chosen altitude; regain level flight on its own; and, if it lands upside-down, return to upright for another takeoff with just the push of a button. No worries...all fun!

The ready-to-fly Blade® Inductrix™ FPV HD comes complete with assembled drone, flight transmitter, flight battery, charger, and headset adapter. All you add is your smart phone — and you’ll be enjoying the aerial view in no time!

The Blade® Inductrix® FPV HD may only be operated and flown indoors in the EU

High Definition FPV
The Inductrix™ FPV HD camera’s low latency 720p video feed is complemented by 1080p 60fps on-board recording. Just add your smart phone for a full FPV experience — enjoying the live view from your drone’s perspective and recording it to share with friends.

SAFE® Technology
Innovative, sensor-assisted SAFE® Technology makes piloting the Inductrix™ FPV HD easy even for first-timers. Three flight modes — self-leveling angle mode, altitude hold, and “MEOW” auto-flip mode — give the drone built-in stability and give its pilot confidence.

Everything you need to enjoy micro drone flight and FPV fun comes in one box. Simply add your smart phone for a thrilling HD FPV experience.

  • Light, fully assembled drone
  • Quiet EDF Power drive system
  • Stable drive enclosures against damage
  • Super bright LEDs for orientation
  • remote control with tactile camera control
  • -1S 500mAh flight battery with USB charger
  • Smartphone Headset Adapter
  • Adjustable camera mount
  • Adjustable OSD (On Screen Display)
  • -720p video transmission
  • 1080p 60fps onboard video recording
  • -SD Memory card slot
  • Wireless data transfer of stored recordings to smartphone
  • Apple and Android compatible

Technical data

Length (mm): 135
Height (mm): 50
Weight (g): 65
Rec. Engine : Included
Rec. Battery: 1S 550mAh LiPo Akku
Version : RTF - READY TO FLY
Flight Skill: Beginner

Box Contents

(1) Inductrix™ FPV HD RTF
-(1) 720p FPV Camera (ready installed)
-(1) 1S 550mAh Battery
-(1) MLP transmitter with DSMX® 2.4GHz technology
-(1) Instruction manual


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