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The Copter weighs less than 250 g ready to fly.
The Copter enables great 3D flight manoeuvres in roll rate mode by reversing the direction of rotation of the motors. Flight figures like inverted flight, tick-docks, funnels are possible with this small 3D Copter. The Alpha combines fastest rotation reversal, extreme manoeuvrability and a light and robust carbon fiber construction. The Alpha 170Q not only enables helicopter professionals to perform high-class 3D manoeuvres, but also allows less experienced pilots to practice 3D manoeuvres. In case of doubt, the situation mode "saves" the copter into the correct position, if the pilot has lost the overview.

The heart of the HoTT variant is the Graupner AIO Flight Control with integrated HoTT receiver. Even beginners can perform spectacular flight manoeuvres within minutes. The AIO Flight Control makes it possible to quickly and easily adjust the sensitivity of the flight control directly via the telemetry menu of the receiver to one's own needs.
The built-in voltage, current and capacity measurement warns early so that the model can be landed safely and on time.
The RGB-LED illumination allows a better flight attitude recognition by different illumination front and rear.
The 3.8 inch three-blade 3D propellers ensure optimal 3D flight behaviour.

- 3D acro copter
- Very stable
- Modular design, so that only individual parts are required in the event of a crash
- Carbon fiber chassis and single arms
- High quality carbon fibre material with anodised aluminium bolts.
- Extremely precise flight control
- Flight Control combined with receiver. Software made in Germany
- Very direct and precise flight behaviour due to omission of additional transmission paths
- All settings possible via HoTT transmitter
- Hand wound 2300KV Brushless external rotor motors with special multiple winding and optimised cooling
- Simplified introduction to FPV-Racing through position mode or professional FPV-Racing in rotation rate mode
- Compact design
- Voltage measurement and warning, current measurement and capacity warning for a safe landing.
- High contrast and extremely fast FPV camera an OSD with voltage and time display.
- Self-assured propeller mounts
- RGB LED lighting
- Stiffer 3D props with extremely good efficiency and flight behaviour tuned for FPV racing and freestyle
- Universal design for the use of FPV camera or HD Cam
- Sophisticated design for optimized fastening of components

Technical data

Length 170 mm
Height 35 mm
Weight 163 g
Rec. engine Included
Rec. battery 650 mAh 4S
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Box Contents

- Quad Copter ALPHA 170Q completely assembled
- 1 pair of three-leaf 3D props from No. 2933.3,8X3,5
- 1 pair of three-leaf 3D props from No. 2934.3,8X3,5
- 4in1 ULTRA BRUSHLESS Controller with Open Source BL Heli S Software No. S3087.3D
- Mounting material

Graupner, based in Kirchheim, Germany, was founded by the family Graupner and, up until March 2013, operated under the third Graupner generation from Stefan Graupner. In March 2013, the company was purchased by the manufacturer of Graupner HoTT RC Transmitter Systems. Graupner covers a large RC assortment including RC Cars and Trucks (GM), Helicopters, Airplanes, RC Electronics (HoTT 2,4GHZ), Chargers, RC Glow-Powered Motors (OS) as well as a large variety of Electric-Powered Brushless Motors. Graupner supplies around 2000 retailers throughout the world.


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