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TAREQ ALSAADI tuning engine for Goblin 380
The XNova 3215 motor is designed for extreme performance and performance, yet this motor scores with low power consumption. The XNova 3215 drive has been extensively tested by TAREQ ALSAADI under extreme 3D conditions.

High-quality neodymium magnets - resistant up to 150°C
Temperature resistant windings - up to 250°C
bell fine-balanced
High Performance Stator
Optimized cooling
High-quality 3-fold NMB storage
High efficiency (up to 92% according to manufacturer)
Overall high quality workmanship

Technical data:
  • Number of poles: 10
  • winding: YY
  • Specific speed: 930KV
  • Weight: 160g (without plug)
  • shaft: 5mm / L22 (suitable for Goblin 380)
  • Hole circle: 25mm
  • power: max. 1.280W
  • Peak power: 1,700W (2s)
  • Max. Power consumption: 58A


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