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GOV Sensor E8, a speed sensor for electric heaters,
specially developed for use with the Governor of the FBL system Axon 9738795, which is simply integrated via any motor cable.
A specially developed scanning method ensures extremely reliable and precise detection of the motor speed, i.e. directly at the source.

- Weight: 100 g

Box Contents

- speed sensor, connecting cable, 400mm cable tie, operating instructions

bavarianDEMON is one of the most striking and ambitious young labels in the RC-model making. If bavarianDEMON is written on something, you can expect quality, exclusivity, performance, action and innovation - and all that with a "Demon inside". bavarianDEMON is extremely strong in the stabilisation performance. With numerous innovationes and world firsts, bavarianDEMON supports newcomer and experts all over the world, concentrated on different demands, learning curves and expectations, for RC-helicopters and area models.


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