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VStabi NEO is a new hardware platform that succeeds both the Mini VStabi and the VStabi Silverline with the latest technology and modern computing power. The size of the device is only slightly larger than the Mini VStabi, but its equipment is similar to the Silverline. Thus 9 full outputs and a full connection for the speed signal are available. There is also a connection for an external sensor and USB directly on the device, as well as two telemetry connections. The most significant advance is the internal sensor array: Two different multi-axis sensors are used, which complement each other at work and thus also function under high vibration loads. The power supply has been significantly improved, so that even servos with insufficient filtering of the disturbances on the supply of the VStabi NEO cannot harm anything. VStabi NEO is delivered with the basic software Express. Compared to the previous Express version, this is greatly upgraded, e.g. the speed controller for electric drive is already included. The Pro features include extended parameter access, and now also the use of macro cells to extend the output functions. This equipment also includes the VPlane firmware for fixed-wing aircraft. The top equipment is Pro Rescue, where the rescue function is also available. VStabi NEO comes already in the Express version with an improved control algorithm in version 6.1. Besides the improvements of 6.0, a significant increase in stability has been achieved in the maximum speed range. This also allows pleasant flying at extremely low speeds. The sudden rebellion is as good as gone. We have compiled detailed installation instructions here: http://www.vstabi.info/de The new apps can be found in the VBar Control manual. All updates of NEO and VBar Control are done with VBar Control Manager. All changes are listed in detail in the change history.

  • dimensions 45.5/25.6/16 mm
  • Weight 13.5 g
  • Power supply 3.5-8.4 V (2S Lipo)
  • Hardware requirements: Transmitter from 5 channels, digital bus receiver (e.g. SBus, MLink, HoTT SUMD, JR XBus mode B or Spektrum satellites)
  • Available software upgrades: PRO software, PRO software with rescue function (purchase via App Store at www.vstabi.info)

Box Contents

  • VStabi NEO 6.1 Express
  • Mini USB cable
  • Boot Plug, Patch cable
  • Gyro pad 10 x 50 x 1,2 mm
  • Internal multi-axis sensor array, additional 3 axis sensor can be connected (not included)
  • Printed manual (Quick-Start-Guide, full manual available online on www.vstabi.info)
  • 6.1 Express Software with Electric Governor and Bank Switching



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