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These rear blades owe their special efficiency to their special shape with a specially shaped edge arch and unique geometry. The variable tread pattern gives these blades precise tracking and an "even more precise grip". The engagement behaviour is incredibly precise.

Special features of the Thunderbolt Blades

- variable profile profile
- up to 20% better efficiency
- longer flight times
- optimized start - stop behaviour
- uniform rotation rates
- less stress on the tail servo
- laminar flow
- therefore "handy" in all flight situations

Technical Daten
- Length: 115mm
- Material: Carbon
- Cord (min / max) 28mm / 31mm
- Mounting: 5mm / bore 3mm

Technical data

The product HECKROTORBLÄTTER THUNDERBOLT 115MM of SAB in the category Tail Rotor Blades is made of , has a length of and is suitable for .


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